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Location: Camiguin Island, Cagayan Valley Province, Philippines
Elevation: 712 m (2,336 ft)
Coordinates: 18°50′00″N 121°51′36″E
Total Area: 24.62 Square KM (9.51 square miles)
Blogger Note: Camiguin de Babuyanes is located in the island of Camiguin de Babuyanes which is a part of the province of Cagayan Valley. More information of it can be read in Wikipedia

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The October 12, 2003 Mount Camiguin de Babuyan Climb. This was actually a part of my Babuyan Islands Group tour. It is the highest point of Camiguin Island, an extinct volcano with two small lakes near its peak and measures 712 meters or 2,336 feet high. In preparation for the climb, I stayed overnight on October 11, 2003 in the house of the 50-year old Esperanza de la Cruz Acupan together with my handsome teener friend, Francis Dalo, a fourth year high school student then of the Lyceum of Camiguin. Her place is just close to the mountain’s jumpoff point located in Sitio Pagitpit, Brgy. Naguilian, Camiguin.

During the actual date of the climb, our group of six (6), left Esperanza’s house at 8:15 A.M., namely: (1) 48-year old Rogelio delos Santos and (2) 42-year old Dionisio Alejo (both hired guides); (3) Eden Acupan (Esperanza’s daughter); (4) Lina dela Cruz (Esperanza’s sister); (5) Francis Dalo; and (6) I. It was only a minor climb but I really felt the extreme difficulty of pursuing its peak. Our group was only the second climbers after 21 years when two (2) Americans did a research on this volcano wayback 1982. So, an unfriendly and hostile trail was expected by us. Our guides had to make a clearance in this thickly forested mountain all the time and the terrain was bad. We used the four-wheel drive system for us to sustain the stiff sticky terrain. Most of the time, we positioned ourselves in such a way that we are like entering an igloo house just to fit in with the narrow trails because of the thick trees abundantly growing everywhere. On our way to the summit, we passed thru two small lakes in two (2) distant separate locations. We reached the peak at 12:08 Noon.
We cut most of the trees in the peak so that we can capture a rewarding 360 degrees viewpoint overlooking the amazing island of Camiguin with endless rolling hills and sprawling green fields and white sand beaches as well as with the neighboring Pinon Islet and Pamuctan Island. We stayed in the peak from 12:08 Noon to 1:22 P.M. not only to appreciate its awesome scenery but also to have our lunch and siesta time and endless picture taking. In addition, the peak is abundantly grown with a number of expensive and exotic orchids. We descended the mountain at 1:23 P.M. and reached Esperanza’s house at 3:28 P.M. where a buco fruit treat was awaiting us. Francis and I left at 4:50 P.M. and arrived in his ancestral house at 5:40 P.M. in Sitio Baribar, Brgy. Naguilian, Camiguin where we spent overnight. In their

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