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Location: Tujuman Lagoon, Sohoton National Park, Bucas Island, Siargao Island Group
Province: Surigao del Norte, Philippines

This Jellyfish Sanctuary is a part of the Sohoton National Park. In this part of the globe, you can experience to swim along with hundreds of harmless jellyfish in the 20-feet deep Tujuman Lagoon. Kayaking is the only means of transport to visit this site so that the jellyfish thriving here will not be disturbed by the noise of the engine of the boat and at the same time they will not be harmed with the motor boat's propeller. It is also a part of the island of Bucas, one of the 48 islands of Siargao Islands group. It belongs to the municipality of Socorro, one of the six municipalities of Siargao Islands group.

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It's fun to swim with a school of jellyfish

To get to the sanctuary, each of the three of us, was provided with a boat with our own paddler. It was just 20 minutes from the Management Office.

One of my companions, Tess Corpuz. The green structure is just opposite the Management Office

The entry point to Tujuman Lagoon offers a refreshing experience as you see the 20-feet deep seabed through the aquamarine blue waters.

The school of fish welcome us upon entry to Tujuman Lagoon

I can feel the warm welcome of the school of fish as we enter the jellyfish sanctuary. the white sparkling colors in the picture are fish jumping from above the water.

That is how a jelly fish looks like. Would you dare swim with them?
Never in my life I dared to touch a real jelly fish. This time, I had so much fun with them. They were as tender as cottons.

Feeling the texture of the jellyfish in my palm

From the boat, we immersed ourselves right to the habitat of countless jellyfish. We scooped a few of them in our palm.

A fun-filled swim with a school of jellyfish

I really treasured this moment having experience once in my lifetime this not-so-common communing with God's creation --- the harmless jellyfish.

Regretful of leaving the Kingdom of the Jellyfish

One hour bonding with the jellyfish was not really enough. If I have the time, I will revisit this place again and be a part of their kingdom for another hour or two.


If you are already in Surigao City, you can either take a bus with a signboard of Tandag with a bus fare of P120 or a chartered van of P1,000 from Surigao City going down in Bgry. Hayangganon of the Municipality of Claver for 1 hour and 10 minutes and from there take a boat for 40 minutes to Sohoton Ecopark.

Alternately, there is a route from Surigao City through big boats to Dapa of Siargao for almost 3 hours or through Roro for 4 hours which usually leaves Surigao City at 6:00 A.M. and another at 12:00 Noon. from Dapa of Siargao Island, one can have a regular boat trip (once a day) to Socorro port of Buscas Grande Island for 1 hour and 15 minutes and from Socorro to Sohoton Ecopark is a boat for another one hour.


Provincial Governor’s Office
Provincial Capitol, Surigao City
Tel. Nos. (086) 826-7778 Telefax (086) 826-0462

Provincial Tourism and Cultural Office
Provincial Capitol, Surigao City
Tel. Nos. (086) 232-6962 local 410; +639088963975
Email address:

Mr. Rolando “Dodo” Henson
Operations Manager
Sohoton Ecopark
Mobile Number +639394235793

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