Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Coming from Paoay Church, we drove to the Marcos Mansion and Maoseleum in Batac City. We arrived there passed 4:00 P.M. and it was closed already. Fortunately, the caretaker, without us, asking on it, reopened the gate of the maoseleum and others who were waiting outside joined us inside.

The main door leading to the Maoseleum

The maoseleum is well-maintained, carpeted and airconditioned. Lights are colored violet and one may have that feeling that the room is really creepy with a background music very appropriately for the dead. Being alone inside would send one a spine-chilling feeling. Taking pictures inside the maoseleum is prohibited but the adjacent Marcos Mansion is equipped with the various old Marcos memorabilia.

Marcos portrait outside the Maoseleum

Personally, I am not a Marcos loyalist, but I give high regard to him since he is really a great person and he deserves respect like any other great men who died. With all those accomplishments, the more I respected and admired him. Whether we like it or not, he is not an ordinary person, politics aside.

Marcos' Office inside the Marcos Mansion

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