Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Location: Intramuros, Manila, Philippines

I usually pass along this building when I visit a friend of mine in the People's General Insurance Office just two blocks away and I never thought how splendid and modern its interior and amenities. It was on November 10, 2015, when I was taking pictures outside the building that one of the lawyers of the Bureau of Treasury working inside the building invited me for a quick tour inside. I was really spellbound when I was already inside.

The present-day Ayuntamiento de Manila Building

During our quick trip, I learned some facts about the building. It was in 1599 that the construction of its original has been started and was opened in 1607. In 1863, this building has been destroyed by an earthquake and was rebuilt in 1879. During World War II in 1945 in the Battle of Manila, its reconstructed building was damaged when it was bombed by the Japanese and American forces. Its reconstruction has began again in 2009 and was completed in 2013 after several modifications of the Bureau of Treasury where it currently now occupies the building.

The interior of the Marble Hall of the Ayuntamiento de Manila

The Ayuntamiento de Manila is a building located at the corner of Andrés Soriano Avenue (formerly Calle Aduana) and Cabildo Street, fronting Plaza de Roma in Intramuros, Manila, Philippines. Also known as the Casas Consistoriales, the Ayuntamiento was the seat of the Manila City Council, which consisted of two alcaldes (city leaders), eight oidores (judges), a clerk, and a chief constable.Wikipedia

The Sala de Sesiones of the Ayuntamiento de Manila

According to our guide, this same hall will be used by the dignitaries and world leaders when they meet during the APEC Meeting this November 17-20, 2015. This hall is on the 2nd level of the building with its palatial stairs just opposite the door of the Marble Hall at the ground floor.

Seating on the Presiding Chair inside the Casa de Sesiones

It gives one a different feeling when you are inside the Casa de Sesiones where only diplomats and high ranking officers of the Philippines and foreign diplomats are holding their talks or business meetings.


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