Friday, September 30, 2016


Location: San Fernando City, La Union, Philippines

San Fernando City, is a third-class city and is the capital of the province of La Union, one of the provinces of Ilocos Region. It is in itself a charm of the province due to its very rich history dating back the time of the Spanish period.

The busy footbridge fronting the city plaza

Like any other cities in the Philippines, San Fernando is not spared of heavy traffic. Riding a jeep from its DFA Office to the city park took me around 30 minutes.

The busy main road of the city

The Town Plaza

The lush green town plaza

The park's stage and basketball open court

The plaza's ampi-theater

Saint William the Hermit Cathedral

The facade of Saint William the Hermit Cathedral

The interior of Saint William the Hermit Cathedral

San Fernando City Hall

The statue of Francisco L. Ortega: A Statesman, Legislator and Patriot

San Fernando City Hall

Filipino-Chinese Friendship Pagoda

The Pagoda Temple

The Capitol of La Union

The Capitol: The province symbol of pride and governance

Ma-cho Temple

Mesmerized by the festive Ma-cho Temple

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  1. The Ma-cho Taoist Temple is just so amazing!!! I would love to visit it when I go there in San Fernando City.