Thursday, August 6, 2009


YELLOW is a symbolic color for Former President Corazon Aquino, the icon of democracy, who led the Peoples’ uprising against Marcos’ dictatorship in February 1986. The world knew she died on August 1, 2009 at 3:18 A.M. in her hospital bed in Makati Medical Center.

I was one of those who were infected with this symbolic yellow fever when I witnessed the burial procession of the remains of President Cory
Aquino where I waited for almost six hours just to see her remains pass through Magallanes flyover. I was there at 11: 15 A.M. and finally at 5:06 P.M. I witnessed then what I was wishing for --- to see at least her casket at a distance. As the vehicle passed in front of me, I was stunned and became emotional. I did not know I was teary-eyed and finally sobbed then. The feeling was the same when the vehicle which carried the late Pope John Paul II when he visited Manila in 1995 passed through the place where I was standing.

Actually, my family and I, are the late Ninoy Aquino’s and Cory Aquino’s supporters. I was still in the province when the People’s Power in 1986 happened. Thus, I did not personally experience Cory’s magic in 1986. Never, did I meet Pres. Aquino, but I have been always updated with her. Indeed, she is an inspiration to many and it does not spare me too. I have high respect for her and believed with her profound sincerity and humility. Her saintly humility is contagious. I just wish I had it, too.

Now that she is gone, I have so many realizations. Firstly, I never thanked God that He gave Cory to restore democracy in the Philippines. What the Philippines now is what Cory had valiantly, laboriously and religiously fought for. Secondly, I never thanked God that because of Cory, Philippines was known to the world to be a prime mover of peaceful revolution. A few countries was inspired to do the same and it is more than enough, that being a Filipino, I should be proud of what she did for the Philippines. Thirdly, I never thanked God that He gave Cory to be the epitome of kindness, coolness in stressful situations and humility which in one way or another, as a leader who led by example, was worth emulating for.

At this point, there is no need for me to meet her just to let her know how thankful I am. I knew she can hear me. With this, with profound sincerity and utmost respect, I am giving her the highest form of thanksgiving that not a single human being had I given in my whole life. Some might have pitied me together with the rest for standing for almost 6 hours in Magallanes flyover just to see her pass, but for me, standing there and experiencing the sporadic rain showers was not really a sacrifice but a form of thanksgiving. In fact, I considered it as a MOMENTOUS EVENT not to mention of me being a part of a history.

Finally, I wanted to say thank you PRESIDENT CORY for all the legacies you have given us, as a nation. YOUR MEMORY WILL ALWAYS LIVE FOREVER. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH! Now, that you are already in heaven, I INVOKE in you to also pray for the salvation of MY SOUL and SOULS of OUR COUNTRY’S LEADERS where some of them MIGHT now be pushing the Philippines into the brink of economic turmoil and destruction.

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