Monday, May 31, 2010


Magalawa Island is a part of the municipality of Palauig, Zambales. It has fine white sand beaches. I have been to this island twice. The first time I have been there was dated May 8 - 10, 2010 with my PNU MA SPED Classmate, Teresa Santiago Corpuz along with her two sons (John James and John David), two nieces (Elisha Santiago Bulo and Eunice Ann Santiago Bulo), three nephews (Victor Joseph Santiago Bulo, Daniel Eleazar Mina Santiago and Joseph Benjamin Santiago Cruz), and her school's Property Custodian Officer - Oliver Santos Gallardo.

The second time I went there was dated May 21 - 23, 2010 with six companions, namely: Benedick Manalang, Alan Valenzuela, Dr. Cesar Garcia, Rome Frias, Jordan Fernandez and Erwin Rivera. In my second visit, we tried to have underwater shots.


  1. Hi! Be careful of sandflies on this island as these are very small bloodsuckers that are abundant in their sands (NIKNIK). I blogged about them last 2006 when I wrote about Magalawa Island. The island was very different back then. Totally no material about it on the net yet so I just brought my trusty GPS and looked for the place. The beach areas were very unkept because very few tourists went there. Thanks so much for your blog and updates. I can see that the group of boy armada has setup some small cottages already and are cleaning up the place? Incidentally, two factions are currently fighting for the rights to this island, that group of Mr.Armada and a certain “MISSISS”. Be careful not to get in the middle of this argument as people there feel very passionate about it. There have been some threats and even deaths reported as a result of bickering amongst the locals. Did you notice the cottages along the beachline? I believe those cottages are owned by the Armadas. They also own the magalawa facebook page. However, I think a majority of locals feel and support the authority of this “Mississ” as owner of the island so do be warned and be careful when you stay at anything owned by the Armadas on the island.

    If you wish to read what I wrote back in 2006 then here is the link.

  2. thank you for the information. I just read your comment today, May 5, 2011 as i was reviewing my posts. I like island and I am aware of the conflict between the two claiming owners.

  3. I read your link and glad to hear that story of sandflies. We experienced not that much of this since the island must have been well kept already. In fact, we stayed late soaking in the beach. Hope to go back there again. Thanks again, Demeter. Hope to meet you in some of my climbs and travels.

  4. Hi demeter, may recent contacts ka ba ng potipot? pupunta kasi kami next next weekend na e. wala pa kaming contact. thanks.