Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It is my first time to have a documented white water rafting as my first time in the Nile River of Uganda way back 2003 was not really documented. I was the only Filipino then in the 12-team member rubber boat where others were Canadians, Irish and Britons. This time, October 17, 2010, our group consisted of Rome Frias, Jrich Macasero, Cesar Garcia and I were lucky to have a White Water Rafting Operator in the name of “The Red Rafts” headed by our tour guide, Richard Labor with assistant Steve Gaviola. Glen Kaduguan was the photographer boarding a small kayak. Their website is Richard can be emailed at His mobile number is 09351307893.

The starting point of the white water rafting was in Sitio Aura, Brgy. Mambuaya and ended in Kabula where both are located in Cagayan de Oro. Sitio Aura is a 35-minute drive from Divisoria (fronting Xavier University) of Cagayan de Oro City proper. The location of the starting point of Sitio Aura opposite to the river bank is already a part of Municipality of Baungon, Bukidnon. We had Beginner’s Package at P700 per head without lunch (if with lunch, rate would be P900) and P1,500 is the video and unlimited pictures during the whole course of the rafting. P1,500 could be lesser if the group is bigger where the cost can be divided equally among the members of the group. The package is a minimum of five and so, we have to pay for the fifth slot since we were only four. The rafting package has a classification which varies from Class II to Class III 1/5. Class II: (easy to moderate). Small-to-medium-sized regular waves with some obstacles. Some maneuvering is required but passages are clear. Splashy and fun! Class III: (moderate to exciting). Numerous waves that are bigger and a bit irregular with currents that can be tricky. Obstacles require maneuvering, but the narrow passages are generally straightforward. Scouting from shore is recommended and usually required. Big splashes and exciting rides!

The actual rafting started at 8:06 A.M. and ended at 11:20 A.M. where our group hurdled 14 rapids. In between these rapids are smooth sailing points for our raft. Our rubber boat had capsized in the fourth rapid. The current was so turbulent and whirlpools are so strong that you will be sucked at one point if not rescued, otherwise, the strong current will carry you away. However, our lifeguards were really well-trained to rescue us. Each rapid has its own name, the only ones I can recall was the 11th as the Brave’s Rapids, 12th as the Backlash Rapids, and at the 14th was Surfing the Rapids. We also bathed and drank water from the small water falls called the “Fountain of Youth”. Other details, I cannot recall already.

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  1. That sounds like so much fun! I'd love to have the chance to do something like that.

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