Monday, April 18, 2011


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This trip is dated April 1, 2011 which is a part of my March 31 - April 5, 2011 Iloilo-Boracay-Guimaras Trip still consisting of 19 but we are still based in Cabogao Gamay Island. This is a beach and island hopping of the beaches of Gigantes Island along with two other nearby islands, namely: Bantigue and Cabogao Daku Islands. Bantigue Island prides its sandbar and clear water beach strip.

The beaches of Gigantes Island included: Tugbungan Beach with a cave, Puting Baybay Beach and Antoniya Beach Strip. The Tangke Lagoon is also located in Gigantes Island which is already a part of Brgy. Lantangan, Gigantes Sur.

I happened to visit the community of Gigantes where our guides and boat operators: Mark Timothy, Joshua James, Leoner and Enrico reside.

Joshua James B. Bolivar, one of our Cabogao Gamay Island Trip guides, assured me to be our guide in climbing the Bandiraan Peak of Gigantes highest peak and the limestone ridge called "Boulevard" this coming June 17-20, 2011 when we go back to Gigantes.

I was so happy to be in commune with the people especially the children in Gigantes Islands. There are also stores there in Gigantes and basic grocery items and cheap dried fish and pusit are available.

However, it is advised that the drinking water should be bought from Estancia Water Stations which requires a deposit of P205 per container with the water of 5 gallons costing P25 only. Fish in Feder Port in Estancia is cheaper and raw meat are also available there. Estancia Public Market is big and some restaurants are also available within the area.


  1. yes, it is a great summer destination that one should try.

  2. Hi Ed, may recent contacts ka ba ng potipot? pupunta kasi kami next next weekend na e. wala pa kaming contact. thanks.