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Location: Vinzons and Paracale, Camarines Norte, Bicol Region, Philippines
Coordinates: : 14°27N, 122°55E
Total Area: (not available in Wikipedia)
Blogger’s Note: Calaguas, is a group of more than 20 islands and islets which include the three major islands, namely: Tinaga, Guintinua and Maculabo where it has three barangays in the name of Banocboc, Pinagtigasan and Mangcawayan. The famous Mahabang Buhangin is located in Barangay Mangcawayan of Tinaga Island, the largest of Calaguas group of islands about eight kilometers long; Guintinua Island at six and half kilometers long and Maculabo at about four kilometers long.

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The very relaxing sight of the paradise white sand of Mahabang Buhangin

The undisturbed beauty of the famous Mahabang Buhanging Beach located on the northern part of Barangay Mangcawayan, Tinaga Island, Municipality of Vinzons, Camarines Norte. "Mahabang Buhangin" literally means "long beach". Calaguas Island tops among the TOP TEN TOURIST GEMS of the Philippines as shown is this link.

The cottages for rent of Kagedama Properties

Tourists of the island can have an option whether to rent smaller cottages for P300 or the bigger ones at P500 of Kagedama properites. They can also have their tents but an island entrance fee of P170 is imposed inclusive of the water consumption for shower, food preparation and comfort rooms.

Newly constructed bigger and comfortable cottages at P3,500 rate per day

Unlike before that Calaguas stay offers no cottages to stay with, this time, cottages of different sizes and prices are already at your pick. There is already a supply of electricity and even stores where you can buy cold drinks.

These newly constructed big cottages are next to Kagedama cottages

Along the beach coast is dotted with coconut trees where you can buy buco fruit anytime you want from the enterprising caretakers of the cottages. You can even buy newly caught fish early in the morning from fishermen who also serve as caretakers of the cottages around.

Aerial view of Mahabang Buhangin

Trekkers and hikers will also love to scale the other side of the beach and on its peak is a rewarding scenery of the surrounding seas, islands, islets and the Poblacion, the barangay proper of Barangay Mangkawayan. It can be done in an hour or two.

Cleanliness is observed in the beach and its premises

Locals, NGOs and other tour operators are jointly imposing the rules of order and cleanliness in the island to make it the best for all tourists and guests.

The beach is quite enticing and inviting to swim and dip endlessly

The soft and powdery white sand of the coastline can also be felt by the sole of your feet when one walks through the seabed. No sharp shells. Seawater is not so salty and so it is friendly to your eyes when you take a dive. The deepness of water is so gradual and that you can swim a few meters from the coastline.

This sunset scenery of Mahabang Buhangin was taken by Jorge Cabrera

Sunset and sunrise are both magnificent in Calaguas. The serenity of the place adds up a meditative aura for people who like to put themselves in complete contemplation with mother nature.

Last glimpse of Mahabang Buhangin while on board of our chartered boat

As we boarded the boat away from Mahabang Buhangin, I felt a sense of urgency to promise to myself that I have to return to this place and even stay longer to maximize enjoyment.

Dropping by at the Maculabo Island

We are suppose to drop by both in Guintinua and Maculabo Islands but the boatman had deceived us thus only reaching the Maculabo Island after a 40-minute sea travel and another 25 minutes going back to Paracale Port.

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