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Location: Central Visayas, Philippines
Coordinates: 090 50’N 1240 10’E
Total Land Area: 4,820.95 km2(1,861.38 sq mi.)
Capital: Tagbilaran City
Founded: March 25, 1565
Component Cities: 1
Municipalities: 47
Barangays: 1,109
Districts: 3
Time Zone: PHT (UTC+8)
Zip Code: 6300 - 6346
Dialing Code: 38

Blogger’s Note: Bohol is popularly known for its chocolate hills and tarsiers. It is also the place where the first international treaty of friendship known as "sandugo" was held in 1565 between Datu Sikatuna, a chieftain in Bohol and Spanish conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi.

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Chocolate Hills in Carmen, Bohol

Bohol is just an average of one hour and 40 minutes from Cebu City to Tagbilaran by fast sea ferries like Ocean Jet and Weesam Express. The place has a unique beauty of its own. With a lot of tour operators now competing for a good catch of clientele, tours to Bohol in particular is now becoming affordable. You may try to get your package from this link Bohol Tours and Packages

Tagbilaran Church or presently known as Cathedral Parish of Saint Joseph The Worker

The interior of Dauis Church of Panglao Island

Bohol is noted for having a number of old churches with unique and artistic architectural designs.In fact, The Baclayon Church, which is just six kilometers away from Tagbilaran City is the second oldest stone church in the Philippines next to San Agustin Church, in Real Street, Intramuros, Manila, built in 1571. Baclayon was constructed in 1595 by the Jesuit priests, it is still intact and houses important relics and images reminiscent of the historic Roman Catholic religion in the country.

Front view of Baclayon Church or presently known as Church of Immaculate Conception

The interior of Baclayon Church

Tarsier watching in Vilar

Just about to board the Loboc River cruise

The Loboc River cruise

Festive lunch while on board the river cruise