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Location: Palompon, Leyte, Philippines
Nearest Airport: Ormoc Airport
Next Nearest Airport: Tacloban Airport

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I visited this tourist spot when I attended a wedding in Ormoc City of my colleague in Manila though prior to that I also toured around Tacloban City as well as in San Rafael Farm in Babatngon, Leyte.

The long stretch of sandbar in one side of the island

Kalanggaman Island is a virgin island which can closely rival the fine beaches in some other parts of the country. It is considered to be a pride of the province of Leyte in the municipality of Palompon for being a photographer’s delight. Its shape with stretch of sandbars on both sides makes it unique. The good thing is, the island is not highly commercialized yet and so it is not crowded though it has already structures like huts, kiosk, grilling stations, simple volleyball court, concrete comfort and bath rooms and wooden tables and benches where guests can relax and unwind enjoying the island’s cool breeze. Before settling on the island, food marketing including the drinking water can be done in Palompon from its public market and grocery stores. This island is maintained and operated by the local government of the municipality of Palompon.

The mode of transportation to and from the island

From the port of Palompon, the island can be reached by a regular pump boat for an hour and 35 minutes by a speedboat. Boat fares and rentals are already regulated by the Palompon Municipal Eco-Tourism Council, Inc. to help the guests and visitors travel safely and no overpricing of the rates. In addition, it can be reached for approximately two hours boat ride from Malapascua of Cebu Island. However, it is advised that since the water can get rough anytime traversing from Kalanggaman to Malapascua, late afternoon is not the best time to do it. It is more safer to have it early at around 6:00 A.M. and one will even be fortunate to see dolphins swimming alongside the boat.

Guests and tourists are enticed by its clean and clear waters

Guests and visitors are all assured of no dull moments in the island as aside from a refreshing swim, they can also have snorkel, kayaking, aqua-biking, scuba diving and overnight picnic. A stroll around the island can be done for even half a day but preferably it can be done late in the afternoon during low tide. Each part of the island is a postcard perfect material.

The other side of the island during low tide

Afternoon walk is at its best during low tide as one can explore the island. The island is a home to a varied species of sea shells and is rich of vegetation endemic to the place. The topography of the island varies from powdery white sand to flat rocky formation.

The sandbar on the other side of the island during low tide

Low tides can help the guests and visitors maximize their opportunity to see the island into its minutest detail --- its dramatic massive shore bed rock, to loose rocks sprawling in decadence on its shoreline. This moment can be serene that one will like to experience as he can completely commune with nature far from surging effects of technology.

Its picturesque sandbar at low tide on a breathtaking sunset

Sunset in this part of the island can be captured at its best. It can be romantic to lovers and magnificent to photo enthusiasts. In fact, a painter can fix his canvass in this part of the island and paint the perfect sunset scenery.

That sunset!!!! only in Kalanggaman Island!

I have witnessed so many sunsets from my various travels but this one here is quite unique. Maybe because, less tourists and guests are here to rival that good experience.

As darkness slowly invades the island

Unlike other island destinations, Kalanggaman has no electricity. Thus, one may experience the night in complete darkness. With this, stars in the sky can be more visible and a shining moon can have its own glory to give its glow.

The island at a far distance

As we sail away from the island, we felt that urgency to visit it again and spend more time basking on its white powdery white sandbars. I would keep this promise to reunite again with its unparalleled beauty.

Tabuk Islet and its lighthouse

Tabuk Islet is closer to the Port of Palompon by around 3 minutes boat ride only. It is a mangrove sanctuary and one can enjoy bird watching on it. It has bamboo boardwalk where visitors can use for strolling around the islet.

Our lady host and the newly wed couple along the bamboo boardwalk in Tabuk Islet

I boarded a PAL flight going back to Manila through Tacloban Airport which was also my entry point since I stayed overnight in Tacloban with a former high school classmate before I pushed to Ormoc City for the wedding and finally went to Kalanggaman.

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