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Location: Bucas Grande Island, Siargao Island Group
Province: Surigao del Norte, Philippines

As my trip to Siargao Island concluded, I realized that there's a lot of things to see and do in Bucas Grande Island than in Siargao Island just to see the famous Cloud 9 Surfing Paradise. In Bucas Grande, you can find the Sohoton Ecopark with the Jellyfish Sanctuary and the other jewels of the island are: Club Tara Resort, Hidden Island Resort, Bubon Islets and many other nameless white beaches. For me, a visit to the fishing village of Barangay Bay-ang is plus factor. Bucas Grande is one of the 48 islands of Siargao Islands group. It belongs to the municipality of Socorro, one of the six municipalities of Siargao Islands group.

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The pristine and tranquil Club Tara Resort

Going to Socorro Port from Sohoton National Ecopark, one will pass thru a state-of-the-art resort in the name of Club Tara Resort which offers every luxury a guest would wish to have.

Club Tara Resort is equipped with swimming pool with a bar along its sides

Club Tara Resort is equipped with a docking port and physical sports facilities as well as aqua sports facilities to complete the fun of guests who wanted to stay for long vacation.

Still a part of Club Tara Resort

Indeed, Club Tara Resort is a haven where guests will love to stay as they are pampered with all the luxuries they need.

Truly a hidden paradise with lots of fun to offer

Our next stop was the Hidden Island Resort where it offers a complete fun for individuals and families who wanted to enjoy their vacation in a very secluded but paradise location.

One of the islets in Bubon

Bubon group of islets are picturesque and each islet has its unique charm to entice the visitors to stay for a swim, a picnic or an overnight camping.

An entry to the fishing village of Barangay Bay-ang

We were suppose to head to Socorro Port which is still more than an hour boat ride to catch the 1:00 P.M. boat trip to Dapa of Siargao Island but we almost ran out of gasoline and so we were forced to drop by at Barangay Bay-ang to buy fuel for our boat.

A house in the middle of the sea?

This house may seem odd in terms of location but I find it picturesque and unique. After all, we can't see this in a metropolitan city.

Simple joys in simple dwellings

Kids around their simple shanties enjoy their playful moments satisfied with what they have in a completely surrounded environment by seascape.

A time for playing, a time for bonding

Unmindful of where they live, these kids still have the enthusiasm to play and bond with each other. If you live here, will you do the same?
A real picture of sadness

While we were still at a distance, I saw the girl in the picture to be too busy with something. As we approached near, she sat down and stared towards our boat with gloomy facial projection. Why the sudden change of emotion?

Resting after a tiring swim

After enjoying a round of swimming race, this kid rested at the back of their house to regain his energy.

Kids are having a swim without the presence of their parents

I can still recall when I grew up in our coastal town. We are not allowed to swim in any body of water like beach or river without the presence of our parents no matter how shallow they are. While these kids are given the liberty to do their swimming stuff unguarded.

They are not the typical camera-shy kids

As these kids saw us, they posed for posterity sake. They are not those typical kids in the remote areas where they will shy away with the click of a camera.

The kids have there ever-ready smile every click of my camera

As long as they knew that the camera is grinding, they are ever-ready to flash their smile. They even became more acrobatic on the water just get our attention.

He must have a problem since he did not join the other kids

I noticed this kid in the picture to have been sad and did not even bother to glance to other kids who were enjoying their swimming. He must be sick.

An improvised swimming pool in the middle of their houses

Maybe for safety reasons, the kids were told by their parents to swim unguarded near their house rather than at the open beach. At least, it is safe.

Part of the fishing village is grown with mangroves

Curious of what life is in that fishing village, I had a stroll there and chat with a few residents.

The coastline leading to Socorro Port

After having three picturesque stopovers, we headed to Socorro Port with a travel duration of more than one hour to catch for our trip to Dapa Port of Siargao Island.

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