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Location: Bucas Island, Siargao Island Group
Province: Surigao del Norte, Philippines

Sohoton National Ecopark is unique of its kind as this pristine emerald paradise has magnificent underwater small caves and lakes, crystal clear water, corals of high definition colors and lush vegetation growing from limestone walls. It is uninhabited and luxuriant in vegetation complemented with emerald waters. This natural wonder is in the island of Bucas, one of the 48 islands of Siargao Islands group. It belongs to the municipality of Socorro, one of the six municipalities of Siargao Islands group. “Sohoton” is a term which means to pass through a narrow and low passage to the extent of crawling. It is highly advisable to visit this natural wonder during lowtide.

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The crystal clear emerald cove of Sohoton

This trip started when we left Surigao City at 5:40 A.M. boarding a chartered a van going to Brgy. Hayanggabon in the Municipality of Claver at 6:50 A.M. From Hayanggabon port, we boarded a chartered small motor boat at 7:20 A.M. crossing the sea waters of Hinatuan Passage and arrived in Sohoton Ecopark Administration Office at 8:02 A.M. of Bucas Grande Island where we met its Operations Manager for tour briefing. in the name of Mr. Rolando “Dodo” Henson.

This is what you will see in Hayanggabon Port.

This is what you will see standing at Hayanggabon Port looking at the vast sea afar

Sohoton!!! You crawl flat to the ground to fit it with the low lying massive rock entrance

After the briefing from the Management Office, the thrill started as we drove through crystal clear cove. I felt so breathless wondering of how creation on this part of the earth was made. Was God more creative when He made this part of the planet?

We were extremely amazed as its second unfold to us the mystical beauty of Sohoton

Second by second, our eyes, screwed to its detail of the cove. The place was so serene. Nobody was around except our group with God so happy to see us amazed of His unparalleled creation.

These rock formations can tell the age of the Earth

For its turn of the boat, different rock formations are revealed. Every second then was a new experience.

Another treat to our feasting eyes

We had three guides with us. They are well-trained to explain to us what are those we see around.

One of our guides explaining what was in that rock wall formation

As we silently navigate the interior of the cove, we can see the small underwater caves inhabited with species endemic to the place.

The entry point to Hagocan Cave

We first had a minor spelunking in Hagocan Cave where it has a very small and narrow entry point. The entire cave has water coming from the cove outside and one has to swim inside to enjoy its beautiful scenery.

Swimming inside Hagocan Cave

We enjoyed our moments inside Hagocan cave where we had a refreshing swim and endless pictorials to document our unique experience.

Outside Magcocoog Cave while waiting for my companions who tried to have a dive from the atop a wooden flatform

Just minutes away, we proceed to have another minor spelunking in Magcocoog Cave where its topmost elevated exit served as a diving flatform down to the clear aquamarine waters of Sohoton Cove.

Our group inside Magcocoog Cave with our guide

According to our guides, these two caves are the caves where the Teleserye Asian Treasure topbilled by Robin Padilla and Angel Locsin were partly shot.

Having spelunking in the interior of Magcocoog Cave

We were advised by our guides not to stay long inside the cove or else during high tide or else you will climb the rocky cliffs just to have an exit to real world.

After savoring the beauty of the cove, we returned to the Management office and have different guides for the non-stinging jellyfish sanctuary.


If you are already in Surigao City, you can either take a bus with a signboard of Tandag with a bus fare of P120 or a chartered van of P1,000 from Surigao City going down in Bgry. Hayangganon of the Municipality of Claver for 1 hour and 10 minutes and from there take a boat for 40 minutes to Sohoton Ecopark.

Alternately, there is a route from Surigao City through big boats to Dapa of Siargao for almost 3 hours or through Roro for 4 hours which usually leaves Surigao City at 6:00 A.M. and another at 12:00 Noon. from Dapa of Siargao Island, one can have a regular boat trip (once a day) to Socorro port of Buscas Grande Island for 1 hour and 15 minutes and from Socorro to Sohoton Ecopark is a boat for another one hour.


Provincial Governor’s Office
Provincial Capitol, Surigao City
Tel. Nos. (086) 826-7778 Telefax (086) 826-0462

Provincial Tourism and Cultural Office
Provincial Capitol, Surigao City
Tel. Nos. (086) 232-6962 local 410; +639088963975
Email address:

Mr. Rolando “Dodo” Henson
Operations Manager
Sohoton Ecopark
Mobile Number +639394235793

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