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Location: Mauban, Quezon, Philippines
Region: IV-A
Coordinates: 14°16'41"N 121°49'38"E
Total Area: 1,640 hectares
Surrounding Bodies of Water: Lamon Bay and Pacific Ocean
Descriptive Summary: This island paradise is privately-owned by a number of resort operators. It is a home to a diverse ecosystem with unique variety of birds, rich marine life, and the abundance of unique species of plants where adventurers and nature lovers will love. Partly, the island’s beach coast is dotted with Agoho trees which is a family of pine tree. It is also a habitat of coconut crab or “kuray” which remains to be the favorite of its locals. In the last 3 years, the local townfolks have reported several sightings of threatened and endangered species such as sea turtles, juvenile whalesharks and dugongs foraging among the seagrass, seaweeds and mangrove areas.

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The scenic low tide along the Sabang's tip coastline

Boarding a JAM airconditioned bus from Kamias along Edsa to Lucena Grand Central Bus Station is three hours. Another two hours from Lucena Grand Central to the town of Mauban if you opt to board a non-aircon minibus but just more than an hour if you take a passenger van. From the town of Mauban, you can either walk to the port or take a tricycle at P12 per head. From the port, you can have an option to take a passenger ferry at P50 or if you are in a bigger group, you can rent boat which will be good for round trip transport to Cagbalete Island.

Pansacola Beach Resort

As our group was heading to Villa Cleofas which is on the south eastern part of the island, our chartered boat turned right and navigated along the coastline of Pansacola Beach Resort. If we opted to take a passenger ferry, then it will turn left heading to Sabang fishing village. However, it will take more than 30 minutes from Sabang community to Villa Cleofas which is on the other part of the island.

Villa Noe Beach Resort

Like the picturesque Pansacola Beach Resort, Villa Noe Beach Resort is densely grown with Agoho Trees which help the place to be more shady where campers love to stay. From this point, our boat still navigated for a number of minutes to Villa Cleofas where we booked to stay for an overnight.

The camping ground of Villa Cleofas Beach Resort

Villa Cleofas Beach Resort has many cottages for the guests' accommodation. However, we opted to rent a tent which is P400 for one tent good for three persons. There is a pavillon where guests can stay and booze, dine or have the videoke sing-along. To minimize expenses, we just hired a local and have him market and cook for our food and he just deliver it to us every meal. It is advisable to buy drinking water from Mauban water station or in 7-eleven branch. Mauban has also a market where food supplies can be bought.

The inviting clean and clear beach water

After the tents were pitched, our group rushed to the beach for a swim which is just three steps away from our tents. In the morning till 10:00 A.M. is still high tide but beyond it, low tide occurs.

This is how the beach looks like during low tide

Dry sand extends to at least two kilometers away from the beach line during low tide. Thus, our group decided to have a trek to the other side of the island which is in Sabang fishing village cutting through shady part of the island for an hour. Approximately, the locals that live there are more than a thousand people.

The stretch of Sabang beach coast

The picture above is the point where we had an exit coming from Villa Cleofas as we were toured around by a local kid for an hour. This is such a clean and white sand beach but there is no resort erected yet. Thus, tourists can have a swim here without paying any entrance.

Sunset taken from our camp at Villa Cleofas Beach Resort

From 3:00 P.M. until sunset, our group had a beach hopping where we saw some other resorts like MVT Sto. Nino Beach Resort, Joven's Blue Sea Beach Resort, Dona Choleng Camping Resort and a few others. In the evening, we stayed at the Pavillon of Villa Cleofas for a social drinking and sing along. We enjoyed night swimming then till 10:00 P.M.

Full-scale low tide at 12:00 Noon

Our boat took us back to Mauban Port at 12:00 Noon the following day but since it was low tide, we have to walk from the shore to the farthest point of more than 2 kilometers where our docked chartered motor boat awaited us.


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