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Location: Buenavista, Marinduque, Philippines
Jump-off: Brgy. Sihi, Buenavista
Coordinates: 13.2413°N; 122.0136°E
Elevation: 1,157 MASL (3,876 feet)
Days required / Hours to summit: 1-2 days / 4.5-5.5 hours
Specs: < Minor climb, Difficulty 4/9, Trail class 1-2

Descriptive Summary: Mount Malindig is also known as Mount Malindik and Mount Marlangga which is a potentially active stratovolcano in the Municipality of Buenavista, one of the six municipalities of the island of Marinduque. The therapeutic, sulfuric springs of Malbog is one sign of this historical - if not prehistorical - volcanism. As for the name itself, Malindig, it is linguistically descriptive of the gentle slopes that characterize the mountain, as well the island's high areas.

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Our group as we reached the public pasture land of Mount Malindig

This point is a grassland where cows and carabaos are pastured by the locals. Since it is located in an elevation of approximately 700 meters above sea level, it is already a high land overlooking the neighboring towns and distant islands.

The gradual trail from the jump-off point

Starting from Brgy. Sihi is a gradual trail grown with coconut trees. In some parts, seasonal crops can be seen grown with the locals like tomatoes, string beans, rice and a few others.

Along the trail are cows grazing for their food

As we trekked towards the higher elevation, we saw cows and carabaos feeding on the rich grasses along the slopes of Mount Malindig where our guide told us that the area is really a public pasture land since nobody really owns the land.

Clearing and open area in higher elevation

This open area is really hot as there are no trees for one to cover but just the grasses. That is why, it is suggested that an overnight camping would be much better. But mind you, this is the point where we stayed longer just to capture the perfect scenery of the neighboring hills, lowlands and islands from afar.

The endless ascent in a tree-less trail

We were lucky then that at some point, we were accompanied with a sea of clouds while we were at this grazing area making our trek not so hot.

Almost there at the military outpost

It was so rewarding catching the sight of a military outpost at a distance. According to our guide, we can have a rest there but camping there is prohibited. He even told us that there was an enforced policy that going beyond the military outpost needs a permit from Camp Aguinaldo but our group was allowed to pass through it.

The military outpost

It was a relief when we arrived at the military outpost as there are structures where we got some cover – a little shanty which gave us shade while we had our lunch. We had then there our leisurely rest. It was actually a radio station base at 900 MASL with sufficient water supply, cold as such.

A group picture at the summit

After having an ample rest, we proceed with a 50-minute real semi-cardiac assaults heading towards the summit wherein we experienced a trail of mossy and closed canopy forest trek with foggy surroundings. I had this eerie and spine-chilling feeling while having the trek but I preferred to have it in complete silence in order not to scare my companions.

Since from the military outpost going to the summit is already a rain forest, our guide warned us to avoid having contact with the leaves of a poisonous plant where it will irritate one’s skin once you happen to brush it and it may last for a week. He even showed us how the tree and leaves look like.

Mossy forest at the summit

The summit view is not really rewarding as it just look liked a dead end trail. What captivated me there was the two trees juxtaposely grown with mossy canopy structure in between resembling to a dressing room in a department store.


Day 0

2100 Board Dalahican-bound bus from either Buendia or Cubao

Day 1

02:00 Board ferry to Mogpog port or Sta. Cruz.
06:00 ETA Marinduque, make arrangements for transportation to Buenavista.
09:00 ETA Jump-off point in Brgy. Sihi. Start trek.
11:30 ETA military outpost, 900 MASL. Lunch.
12:30 Commence summit assault.
13:30 ETA summit. It is covered with trees and there is nothing much to see.
13:45 Start descent
14:30 Back at the outpost.
16:15 ETA jump-off point. Proceed to Sta. Cruz accommodation for overnight.
18:00 Stay for overnight in Sta. Cruz and see what nightlife the place can offer.


Take Jac Liner or Jam Transit (Edsa-Kamias Terminal or LRT-Buendia Terminal) heading for Talao-Talao Port, Dalahican, Lucena City preferably the 6pm, 7pm or 8pm trips with a trip duration of 3 to 4 hours

Then, take a Roro or Ferry from Talao-Talao Port to Cawit Port of Boac (Marinduque) for 3 hours which leaves Talao-Talao Port at 12:00 Midnight or another which leaves Talao-Talao Port at 4:00 A.M. to Balanacan Port of Mogpog, Marinduque for a duration of 3 hours. Other Ferry trips are 10:00 PM, 10:00AM and 12:00 Noon.

Then, take a jeepney (for bigger group, a chartered one is highly advisable) from Balanacan Port to Brgy. Sihi in Buenavista for approximately more than 2 hours.

A climb registration is required thru the Brgy. Captain in Brgy. Sihi which serves as the jump off point to Mount Malindig.


  1. Good day po! i'm Mary Connie Vitto po from Marinduque. i just want to ask po what was your most unforgettable experience upon climbing mount malindig? thank you po. God Bless.

    1. So sorry Mary for the very late reply. Climbing Mount Malindig is really enchanting and haunted. We were three then in the lead pack maybe a hundred meters ahead from the rest of our big group. My lady friend who was ahead of me asked me to take her a picture which I did. When we checked the picture, there was a man next to her in the picture. She was facing my friend in the picture with his back appearing in the picture. We showed it to another companion in our lead pack and the three of us saw it repeatedly. Our hair raised then in horror. We waited for the rest to show them what we had in the picture but the man appearing the picture was no longer there. That was quite unforgettable.