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LOCATION: P-6 Port Lamon, Hinatuan, Surigao Del Sur, Philippines

Sibadan Fish Cage and Resort is one of the tourist destinations of the Municipality of Hinatuan in the province of Surigao del Sur, Philippines. Hinatual is one of the 71 municipalities in Region XIII which is known as Caraga Administrative Region.

There are more places to visit in this part of Surigao Del Sur where I personally did where it included: Enchanted River, Tinuy-an Water Falls, Pangasinan White Sand Beach, International Doll House, Tinago Cove and Cambatong Fishing Village

Simply a fish cage where fish are cultured, tourists and guests can spend an overnight where there are few comfortable rooms to have a soundly sleep. The accommodation is a cluster of nipa houses on stilts in the middle of the fish cage and the entire place is bordered by fishing nets. The main cage is at the center and the dining area, sleeping rooms, the restobar (restaurant and bar) with huge TV (there is a signal also) and other amenities are lined along its rectangular perimeter.

Guests are served with fresh fish and other seafoods catch in the fish cage. Talking to the concierge, he told me that the cage are inhabited with stingray (for safety purposes its spike has been removed), baby sharks, talakitok, triggerfish and a few others I forgot to remember. In a separate smaller cages, lobsters, crabs and smaller talakitoks are cultured. The small fish catch in the fish cage are even used to feed the bigger ones.

There is enough space to roam around the resort. Guests are entertained watching the sea creatures inside the cage. Some can even see the live sea creature caught and cooked right in front in their dining table in the restobar. Beer is also available while you unwind in the restobar.

A few staff serve as lifeguard like in a baywatch to make sure the kids are safe and those who do not have a swimming skill. The place is good for photography. For those who wanted to hold a party most particularly a fine dining party, the venue can also be turned into one.

The place is really good to chill out for a magnificent sunset viewing. Guests can also enjoy fishing and swim inside the fish cages. I observed that most of those guests who visit the resort are groups or families. Some of them are even coming as far as Manila, Cebu and Davao. I had rarely seen a foreigner in the resort.

Most of the guests take with them their own cars and they just park it in the fishing village of Barangay Cambatong which is just 5 minutes off the coast.

The last photo is another fish cage just across 20 minutes away from Sibadan Fish Cage and Resort. The island at its background is the Pangasinan White Sand Beach which is just 10 minutes away.


You will reach first the Enchanted River before you can take a boat to Sibadan Fish Cage. The habal-habal or any other chartered vehicle after the Enchanted River will have its dead end at the basketball court of Cambatong fishing village where vehicles can safely park. To start with, take a bus from the Butuan Bus Terminal, then take a bus bound for Mangagoy (Bislig) but ask to be dropped off at Dugmanon Junction for Enchanted River. The Tagbina Terminal is your sign that you are close. If you reach the Hinatuan Terminal, you missed the junction. P189 non aircon bus, 4 hours. Take a habal-habal from the junction for P150 if you are alone or P75/pax with other passengers, 12 kms of dusty road until you reach Enchanted River in Talisay. Just tell the habal-habal driver to head further to Cambatong but you also have the option to go inside Enchanted River paying the P30 entrance fee and ask the staff where to go to take the boat ride to Sibadan Fish Cage. It's just a short walk. Don't worry as the enterprising kids at Enchanted River will offer to 'guide you' to the boat area and even offer to do radio calls to Sibadan Fish Cage. If you're not carrying heavy gear, there is no need to take this service. At the boat area, the dispatcher can radio Sibadan Fish Cage if there is vacancy. Take the boat for the 10 minute ride to Sibadan Fish Cage. P100/trip or P20/pax, one-way. If you are alone, chances are, you'll have to pay the P100 fee. But if you are to take a boat from Cambatong, the trip will be even shorter for 5 minutes and costs P50 per head. You can make arrangements with the fish cage staff when to call the boat to pick you up for the mainland.


Food price here is generally reasonable which is almost comparable to the market prices. They charge P200 for a kilo of Talakitok which are frozen but live ones or fresh catch range to P300 per kilo. The tiger lobsters are at P1,600 and native lobster is at P1,000 per kilo. The prices are inclusive of cooking. There are other seafoods available in the fish cage and they vary in price.

Lodging is charged at P400 for single room for fan only with common washroom while the double room with fan only and common washroom is charged at P800.


For reservation, contact the following mobile phone numbers: 0916-9291-305; 0927-3936-207; and 0946-5634-927.


  1. hello do you have any contact number for sibadan fish cage and resort?


    1. Hi, trauvis, you may contact these numbers for reservation: 0916-9291-305
      0927-3936-207, 0946-5634-927

  2. hi, been here also last may 2016 and this september my friends will be coming also from manila.. so excited to introduce to them this place.. but the numbers were all cannot be reach. i really love sibadan