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Location: Barangay Camaysa, Tayabas City, Quezon Province, Philippines

One of the two pools of Graceland Country Club (photo courtesy by Graceland homepage)

This 22-hectare lush and naturally-landscaped paradise embracing on its midst the 11-hectare real estate development is gaining much mileage in terms of eco-tourism attraction considering its location between the famous tourism gems of the province of Quezon (Philippines) which are Lukban Municipality and Tayabas City. Touring around the stretch of the estate is such a refreshing and rewarding experience as you see the modern amenities blended with nature at its best. Indeed, the whole of it will make one feel a lifestyle in the truest sense of luxury.

A showcase of well-planned and architecturally-rich designed estate development

The place is intended to offer the best to the guests equipped with an array of sports facilities for basketball, tennis, archery, putting green, air soft and simulated beach volleyball courts; swimming pools; boating and other water-fun activities; function halls for all occasions like garden wedding, receptions, conferences and other corporate functions, team-building, retreat and simply for a vacation for family or two to chill-out from the hustle-bustle life from Metropolitan Manila. Guests can avail of its overnight accommodations like the apartelle rooms, two-storey/two-bedroom villas, or campsite with bonfire area

Almost everywhere offers a park-like amenity to enjoy and relax

Outdoor amenities like wooden benches and swings are almost everywhere to pamper the guests as they endless stroll around the fresh environment of Graceland Country Club. One can enjoy to jog or do the biking trail around the 2.2-hectare man-made lagoon. There are available bikes for rental. An alternative for biking is horseback riding.

The place to satisfy the guests' cravings

Dining on its restaurant will offer guests a gourmet of different cuisines to satisfy their gastronomic cravings as it has the best chefs ready to give the best service. They can have it partly from the Memphis Garden Cafe and Grille.

The bridge connecting the man-made islet nestled in a fresh-water lagoon

Picnic and parties can be held in this man-made islet where state-of-the-art cottages can accommodate guests who can enjoy the scenery of lakeview-like ambiance.

Graceland anchorage on the northwest tip of the man-made islet (Model: Letty Uy)

The country club's anchorage is a busy point to host disembarking guests to engage in various water-fun activities like boating, kayaking and skiing. Fishing is even an option in the man-made lagoon.

The Anchorage: A Lovers' Lane

Most couples and lovers enjoy the double-kayaking and end up romantic as they paddle on the scenic and tranquil man-made lagoon. Model couple here is a close friend of mine in the name of Janna Del Fonso-Cabrera and her husband, Jorge.

Spacious parking lots, wide roads and pavements are evident

Other services they offer are: Day Tour, 24-Hour Front Desk, In-Room Massage, Room Service, Pool Side Cafe, Banquet and Catering Services. In addition to that, the place is child-friendly as it also provides Children Playground for them to enjoy.

This link can help you to contact them and to reach the place, you may refer to this link.

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