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Location: Brgy. Wawa, Rodriguez, Rizal, Philippines

Level of Difficulty: 3/9

Wide angle shot while at the summit

Mount Binacayan at 424 meters high is one of the best alternatives for mountain climbers to hike which is only more than an hour drive away from Cubao, Quezon City with an estimated budget of not more than P500 for a day hike. its 360-degree panoramic view on its summit is very rewarding.

Main entrance to Wawa Dam and Mount Binacayan

Just below the summit overlooking the river and vast forest

Another picture at the summit

For a regular climber, it only takes more than an hour to scale the mountain from its jump-off point. However, the trail is so rocky and they have sharp edges in which a climber is required to wear hand gloves but not the knitted one or else it will stuck to the rock edges.

After descending the mountain with the backdrop of Mount Pamitinan and Mount Ayaas

Climbing this mountain requires a short interval of time that most often for season climbers, it can be done for three summits in a day including the Mount Pamitinan and Mount Ayaas. This is not to mention that on its vicinity, pamitinan cave can also be visited and the picturesque wawa dam.

My expenses for this climb is summarized as follows:

SN Particulars Amount
1. Round Trip Van Fare from Farmer’s Cubao to Louver’s Montalban and vice versa
2. Round Trip Tricycle fare from Louver’s to DENR Registration Site
3. Share in guide for a maximum of 8 for a fee of P500
4. DENR Registration Fee
5. Donation to Barangay (Optional)
6. Lunch in one of the Carenderias in the jump-off point
7. Breakfast at Jollibees (Cubao Farmer’s) while waiting for the departure
8. Budget for Trail food and Bottled Water

Scaling Mount Binacayan is more technical due to its sharp rocky terrain. It is not forested and so climbers have to expect that the terrain is open and there are no shades to cover with. The jump off point starts with few houses of the locals and as you climb further, an agricultural terrain becomes visible followed by the same rock and bamboo ascent. The final leg is through a ridgeline with thick foliage, requiring long steps and reaches from one limestone formation to another.

As for its rocky terrain, one has to closely watch his footwork to avoid accident. Any false step may lead to skin cut or of being out of balance may lead to leg or arm fracture.


05:00 Take van from Farmer’s Cubao (Cubao MRT Station) via Eastwood to Rodriguez, Rizal
06:30 ETA Louver’s, Montalban, take tricycle or jeepney to Brgy. Wawa
06:50 Arrival at DENR Office for Registration and in Barangay Hall at Barangay Wawa
07:30 Start trek
09:00 Summit
10:00Start descent
11:30 Back at DENR Office Barangay Wawa and take lunch in nearby carenderias
12:30 Side trips at Pamitinan Cave and Wawa Dam
04:30 ETD DENR Office
06:00 Arrival at Farmer’s Cubao


If you are in a bigger group, you can arrange your van one day before on its Farmer’s Cubao Van Terminal where they will charge you for P70 one way from Farmer’s Cubao straight to DENR Office of Barangay Wawa where there is no need to take a tricycle or jeepney

You can also have an option to get the contact number of the van drivers so that they pick your group from DENR Office back straight to Farmer’s Cubao.

It is advisable that you have to book in advance for the guides because, these mountains in Rodriguez like: Mounts Binacayan, Pamitinan, Ayaas and a couple others are now becoming the favorite mountains to climb more particularly during weekends and holidays.

To minimize the cost for the guide which is P500 per day, it is advisable that an organized climb here should be at a maximum of eight sot that its cost of P500 can be distributed among the eight participants.


Jerry Zata- 09101978417
JericDamas– 09108674990

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