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Location: Barangay Patar, Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines

Note: This is a part of my June 5 – 6, 2016 Alaminos City-Bolinao-Camiling Tour which includes: Hundred Islands, Saint Joseph Cathedral Parish Church, Alaminos City Hall and Colegio San Jose de Alaminos, Cape Bolinao Lighthouse, Giant Taklobo Resto Grill and Accommodation and Camiling Quick Tour.

The long beach stretch of Patar white beach

Patar is just one of the barangays of Bolinao which is located in the northwestern part of Lingayen Gulf of Pangasinan. There might be some other beach resorts here also having off-white fine sand but what is good in there is, it is not that crowded. And yes!!! It is so close to Punta Piedra Point where the historical and cultural heritage edifice of Cape Bolinao Lighthouse is located.

Open nipa and wooden cottages along Patar beach front

Our tour operator brought us to a beach resort managed by Patar White Beach Bolinao Community Association, Inc. Cottages and resort houses are not that expensive as they are made of simple bamboo and wooden materials. While roaming around, I spotted a name of White Beach of Patar and another is the Ocean Side Beach Resort. Noticeably, shower rooms have more than enough water when you rinse but you just have to pay P10.

Enjoying a friendly weather in the beach

Since ours was just a day trip just enjoying the crystal clear waters and blue skies and endless snorkel, we ended up renting an open cottage which costs P500 with a capacity of at least 15 people equipped with a table where we can put our personal stuff. This part of Patar Beach is flocked with commoners and so bigger crowds of people are expected mostly those who are staying for a day.

A place where the sand, sea and skies blend to give a relaxing mood

For those who wanted to stay overnight where stargazing is an exciting activity, closed nipa hut ranging from P700 to P1,500 with capacity of 3 to 5 persons. However, for those who really wanted to stay in luxurious hotels in the area, this LINK can be useful.

Where souvenir shops abounds (Model: Allan R. De la Trinidad)

There are some souvenir shops around and stores where one can buy basic necessities like food stuff, drinks or even hard drinks. And I’ve read a certain post about the parking rental which varies as to vehicular type, namely: Bus/Truck – P80; Van/Jeep/Pick-up/Car – P50; Tricycle – P20; and Single Motor – P15.

The typical open nipa cottage size

Looking around, I have noticed that the other end of the beach stretch has luxurious beach resorts while the other end has rock formations. The clear waters was really that inviting. And the waves after noon time were so playful that if you just let yourself afloat on the water, you will be washed ashore. There is also a net for the volleyball enthusiasts.

One of the convenient stores in the area

We initially had a trip coming from Alaminos City because we stayed overnight in the Island Tropics Hotel after our Hundred Islands day tour and so heading to Bolinao is closer for a total of one and a half hours drive.

Playing with the rushing waves

However, if one intends to just enjoy Patar beaches, he can take Five Star bus liner (Cubao and Pasay terminals); Victory and Dagupan bus liners (Cubao terminals) where your destination ends in Bolinao town. Tricycle services can be chartered from Bolinao town to Barangay Patar which will range from P150 to P200 depending on your haggling skills.


Since I had a different route when I visited this place and I want to provide you the best information to reach it, I copied this portion from a blog of a public school teacher, "Blissfulguro" with details as follows:

From Manila, there are three Bus stops and it normally takes 5-6 hours to reach Bolinao Pangasinan. Buses stops in Dau terminal, Tarlac terminal and Alaminos City terminal. For trip schedules, reservations and ticket prices, you may contact the bus company at the following contact numbers:

Victory Liner – Cubao Quezon City Terminal
Phone #: (632) 727-4534, (632) 727-4688, (632) 410-8986
Twitter Account: @VictoryLinerInc

FiveStar Bus Line – Pasay City Terminal
Phone #: TEL.# (632) 853-4772/ (632) 851-6659/ (632) 851-6614
Hotline: 0927-7124349

Dagupan Bus Line – Cubao Quezon City Terminal
Phone#: +63(2)8252927 and +63(2)8252930


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