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Brgy. Halayhayin, Pililla, Rizal, Philippines

This windmill farm is just another kind of its counterpart in Bangui and Kapurpurawan in Ilocos. This US$177.9 million project has its service contract granted to Alternergy Philippine Holdings Corporation which covers an area of 4,515 hectares under the Department of Energy WESC No. 2009-09-018 with its commission date in 2016. The units operational are Phase 1 - 27 with an energy production of 54-megawaatts.

The windmill turbines of Pililla

Pililla Windmill Farm (Photo credit Blue Dreamer blog)

Overlooking the picturesque Laguna de Bay

We've come to visit this place as a side trip going to Real of the province of Quezon. While there, you can buy a lot of fruits from the fruits stalls and vendors as well as some souvenir items. Unfortunately, it was raining then when we visited there and so cloudy and it was so difficult to capture a good view. Climbing the elevated viewdeck has loss rocks and so you might slide down again and again.


Via Public Transport

Take a van or jeep from Starmall Shaw-Edsa heading to Tanay Public Market. Then take a trycycle going there. The cost of the tricycle per trip vary from P200 to P250 roundtrip which would depend on your haggling skills. Though it is better to go there during late afternoon where the grass seem to look gold.

Via Private Transport

Source: Pusang Kalye Blog

1. Get to Tanay Town
2. Go up Brgy. Sampaloc in upper Tanay
3. At the intersection of Sampaloc, take the road which leads to Real Quezon. Locally, the most famous attraction along this road is JE Camp where Erap was to serve house arrest. Ask locals for directions.
4. Roughly 1km from Sampaloc intersection, look for Sampaloc Inn on the left. That is your hint.
5. Then look for the first waiting shed on the right which is only a few meters away from Sampaloc Inn.
6. Make a right turn -- Masalat Road. At the corner is a small shop named My Little Store Pasalubong Center and Coffee Shop.
7. A few meters after turning right, turn left.
8. Follow that road and the end section will be Pililla Wind Farm.

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