Tuesday, May 26, 2009


My eighth climb under PNB Mountaineering Club was in Mount Arayat in Pampanga last November 7-8, 1998. I hate the said climb for one reason that the people who were in charge of the registration in Mount Arayat National Park in Brgy. San Juan Bano delayed us so much, they were the so called: “Opportunists” and with this, I said to myself that I will no longer visit and scale this mountain again with the kind of people manning the registration. On the other hand, the said climb was noted for having a lot a cardiac assaults in which I almost failed to reach the peak. I realized that one should not underestimate the mountains to be scaled. I learned a lesson that one should always condition oneself that climbing is not just an easy undertaking to do even in some minor climbs. We were all seventeen with 6 members, 10 initiates and a guest. The members were: (1) Norie Jacala – expidition leader; (2) Ding Capunitan – sweeper; (3) Jun Galang; (4) Chika Vite; (5) Jessica “Je” M. Parina; and (6) Brenda B. Bernabe. The initiates were: (1) Roy Pison; (2) Jenny Ferrer; (3) Chris Ballon; (4) Jun Banela; (5) Jesie Sayas; (6) Jesusa “Susie” D. Tagustos of CIBI; (7) Neil James Raymundo; (8) Jing Gumba; (9) Noemi Amador; and (10) I. The guest was Paulito “Lito” M. Capuz, Chika’s sweetheart. On the other hand, I never thought Jing Gumba would join another climb as she suffered her first climb very much. She told us, she was challenged by that difficulty and she would like to overcome it only by becoming a seasoned and regular member of PNB Mountaineering Club

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