Tuesday, May 26, 2009


My fourth climb under PNB Mountaineering Club was in Mount Batulao located in Nasugbu, Batangas dated August 29-30, 1998. The said climb was a fun-filled one because it was an overnight activity compared with the Mt. Makiling day-hike climb. We had enough socialization during night time because a lot of senior members joined us. But comparatively, it was not as enjoyable as the Banahaw de Tayabas and Pico de Loro Climb. The reason might be that some senior members were so arrogant to us and emphasized the member-initiate relationship wherein the members should always be above the initiates who were all vying for permanent membership in the club. Marrita Gregore was the most arrogant senior member of the climb. We were consisting of 20 participants in which 14 were members and six initiates. The climb was divided into two groups in which the first group was in a day trek while the rest of the senior members had a night trek. The members were: (1) Alberto “Abet”M. Zapanta, Jr. - Expidition Leader; (2) Sandy A. Alhambra – Sweeper; (3) Jun Galang; (4) Marrita “Marit” M. Gregore; (5) Sandra S. Reyes; (6) Norita “Norie” R. Jacala; (7) Policarpo Gregorio Osmundo “Ding” N. Capunitan; (8) Brenda B. Bernabe; (9) Noel N. Dollentas; (10) Rolando “Rolly” O. Villanueva; (11) Analiza “Liza” M. Astillero; (12) Manuel “Manny” I. Llesol; (13) Jessica Parina; and (14) Reynold Quiambao. The initiates were: (1) Boggs Estanilla; (2) Janet T. Lazarte; (3) Roy Pison; (4) Jenny Ferrer; (5) Noemi Amador and (6) I.

An added attraction was the panoramic and tranquil Caleruega Chapel which served as the jump-off point of Mount Batalao. A perfect wedding church for perfect couple like my best friend Noemi Ordiales Amador who was tied to Policarpo Gregorio Osmundo “Ding” Nuqui Capunitan in this chapel dated March 12, 2000.

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