Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Mount Cristobal in Dolores of the province of Quezon was my ninth climb under PNB Mountaineering Club dated November 14 and 15, 1998. The experience I had in this climb has a similitude of Mount Natib but the amount of rainfall in this mountain was comparatively high compared with Natib’s since we were totally trailing a rain forest. In fact, there was a continuous downpour just two kilometers from the jump-off point up to the camp site that we stayed overnight. But the continuous rains had not barred us to ascend to our campsite. Some of the folks we met there and other mountaineers who have gone there already forewarned us that the mountain was really enchanted and they even shared to us horrible stories. But for us, scaling the said mountain was just another exciting experience. We proceed with our socials in the evening which was a rain-free one but it was so cold and was very inviting to have an early bed rest in our warm tents. We were twenty-two then with 8 members, 12 initiates and two guest climbers. The members were: (1) Jun Galang – expidition leader; (2) Chika Vite – sweeper; (3) Ding Capunitan; (4) Elmer Daus; (5) Abet Zapanta; (6) Sandy Alhambra; (7) Rolly Villanueva; and (8) Marrita Gregore. The initiates were: (1) Jun Banela; (2) Jesie Sayas; (3) Susie Tagustos; (4) Victor Victorino; (5) Noemi Amador; (6) Jing Gumba; (7) Neil Raymundo; (8) Roy Pison; (9) Jenny Ferrer; (10) Janet Lazarte; (11) Benjie Autencio; and (12) I. Roderick “Rick” N. Vinluan of CIBI and Judith C. Palero of China Bank were guests.

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