Tuesday, May 26, 2009


As per record, I had already two climbs in this mountain, all of which are day climb dated July 25, 1998 and May 29, 1999. It is located in Los Banos, Laguna with an altitude of 1,144 meters or 3,753 feet. It has 25 loveseats before finally reaching the peak. It is inhabited by tiger-color “Limatik”, a family of blood sucking leech.

July 25, 1998 was my first climb in PNB Mountaineering Club as an Initiate and the third in my mountain climbing portfolio. It happened when a PNB Mountaineer member and officemate, Pablito “Apple” Ongleo and Philnabank Director Rolando “Rolly” Villanueva and one of the directors of Philippine National Bank Mountaineering Club (PNB MC), convinced me to join the said club. I finally filed for membership on July 20, 1998. I attended the Club’s Basic Mountaineering Course on October 17, 1998. I was an Initiate then in this club and was required to complete some minor and major climbs to qualify as a regular member. We were nine then consisting of four regular members and five initiates. The regular members were: (1)Elmer C. Daus -Expidition Leader (EL), (2) Agnes “Chika” F. Vite – Sweeper of PNB Institute of Banking; (3) Romeo “Jun” B. Galang of PNB IT Group; (4) Sandy A. Alhambra and the initiates were: (1) Noemi Amador; (2) Jenny Ferrer; (3) Janet T. Lazarte of PNB GSD-Accounting; (4) Roy Pison, (5)Jaime “Bogs” Estanilla Jr. of PNB Special and Global Accounts Department and (6) I.

Another workout and minor climb was on May 29, 1999 which was a day-hike climb. We joined with 10 initiates and 5 members of PNB Mountaineering Club. With me was my favorite Jenny Ferrer and we were not able to join the group in the assembly area. With this, we were left and we took a separate trip going to UP Los Banos. Unfortunately, Jenny and I were not able to meet them in the jump-off point and so we had a separate assault towards the peak. When we were about to reach the peak, we met the group but we decided to go on with the assault. They agreed that, they will just wait for us in the jump-off point.

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