Tuesday, May 26, 2009


My fifth climb under PNB Mountaineering Club dated September 26 and 27, 1998 made a difference in Mount Natib in Orani, Bataan for it was the first time that I experienced a freezing night inside our tent and I considered it more memorable than Mount Batulao. Abet Zapanta, a senior member then, was my climb buddy. He was very supportive and awesomely inspiring companion. He was always there to help me when I needed him the most especially that the trail and terrain towards the peak was so difficult because the very stiff rocky slopes of the mountain were very slippery and some parts of it were so densely forested area. Mount Natib is located in the heart of Bataan Natural Park of 23,700 hectares or 58,500 acres in the midst of lowland dipterocarp rainforest. Its peak has an elevation of 1,253 meters or 4,111 feet. We were twelve then consisting of six members, five initiates and a guest. The members were: (1) Noel N. Dollentas – Expidition Leader; (2) Alberto “Abet” M. Zapanta – sweeper; (3) Norita “Norie” R. Jacala; (4) Romeo “Jun” B. Galang; (5) Sandy A. Alhambra and (6) Sandra S. Reyes. The initiates were: (1) Noemi Amador, (2) Juanito “Jun” R. Banela and Victor C. Victorino of Credit Investigation Bureau, Inc. (CIBI); (4) Roy Pison; and (5) I; and Henry “Joel” A. Dimacali, Abet’s friend, as guest climber. This time, we had a travel variation since we boarded M/V Stella Mariz Ferry Boat of Grand Seaway Ferries, Inc. from CCP Complex Port Terminal going to Lamao in Bataan and boarded a jeepney to Orani, Bataan up to the jump-off point. On our way back to Manila, we went to Balanga, Bataan in Brenda Bernabe’s house where a sumptuous lunch was served and back again to the Port of Lamao.

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