Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I had two climbs in Mount Nyakarangara. I was with Stephen and Enock the first time I climbed the mountain dated August 25, 2002 and with Grant Gilbertson (British VSO Volunteer), Patricia Tivadar (Romanian Medical Doctor) and Behram Daruwalla (Indian National) The first time I climbed was exciting since it was my first to climb in a foreign country. This mountain is actually located between the borders of Buhweju and Sheema counties of Bushenyi District. I was with the company of two Ugandans, namely: Stephen Kataraiha (WRAF Rural Trust’s client) and Enock Bagyenda (WRAF Rural Trust staff). It was indeed a fun climb because the terrain was relatively easy and gradual. The trail was generally grown with low bushes, ordinary grasses and a few Eucalyptus trees. The weather that time was pretty cool and soothing winds refreshed us from time to time. Its peak offered such a great scenery overlooking the nearby villages and counties. I was also able to see in full picture and dimension some mountains situated far and near this mountain. There was only one similarity I noticed in these mountains --- they did not have thick forests but rather grown by bushes, ordinary grasses and a number of Eucalyptus trees. Some parts halfway to the peak of this mountain was burned down in preparation for the rainy season where tea is usually grown and cultivated. I never experienced any degree of difficulty in the whole duration of the climb compared to my fun and day climbs in the Philippines that most mountains’ terrains are quite difficult to climb. The location of this mountain is about 15 kilometers away from my VSO Uganda placement in Nyakashaka. Our group also trekked down the Obururuma Rapids in Nyakyiraguju River located in Karyanga Village of Igara county and still a part of Bushenyi District.

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