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My fourth major climb under PNB Mountaineering Club was Mt. Pulag on November 27 to 29, 1999. Mt. Pulag is the third highest mountain in the Philippines which is being dubbed as the “roof of Luzon” is 2,930 meters or 9,610 feet. The first two highest mountains are in Mindanao wihich are both inactive volcanoes with Mount Apo in Davao as the highest mountain at 2,954 meters or 9,692 feet and followed by Mount Dulang-Dulang at 2,938 meters or 9,637 feet located in Kitanglad Mountain Range. Mount Pulag is not in itself a volcano. This majestic mountain has been part of the folklore of the various mountain tribes for generations. It’s believed to be the home of forest spirits who protect the tribes and assure bountiful harvests. For me, climbing this mountain is a feast for my senses. The slopes are covered with pine trees and grassy meadows. The soft tuffs of grass that cover the trail cushion every step to the summit. The air was crisp and gentle blows over the mountain as we ascended towards the summit that gave us a very refreshing atmosphere and the spectacular summit panorama. The mist was all around me and for one moment then, I knew what it felt like to walk in the clouds. Although, our climb was gradual, the altitude, distance and cold weather as well as occassional downpour made our trek slightly difficult. Thus, we made rhythmical squelching sounds.
The said climb has 54 participants which consist of 43 members, 2 initiates and 9 guests. The members were: (1) Rolly Villanueva – expidition leader; (2) Jose Enrique “Ike” S. Abad of PNB IT Group; (3) Ricardo “Ricky” N. Eslao of PNB IT Group; (4) Norberto “Abat” Miranda Jr.; (5) Antonio “Tony” M. Alcaraz of PNB IT Group; (6) Sandy A. Alhambra of PNB Trust Division; (7) Elmer C. Daus of PNB Office of SVP Ma. Cristina G. Munoz; (8) Romeo “Jun” B. Galang, Jr. of PNB IT Group; (9) Janet I. Lazarte of PNB GSD Accounting; (10) Manuel “Manny” I. Llesol of PNB PAIRD; (11) Edmundo “Edu” C. Llondres of PNB SAAD; (12) Norman G. Mosuela of PNB IT Group; (13) Jessica “Je” M. Parina of PNB Corporate Affairs Office; (14) Severo “Roy” Y. Pison IV of PNB Economics & Research Division; (15) Sandra S. Reyes of PNB Trust Division; (16) Benito “Benet” L. Sakdalan of PNB Corporate Affairs Office; (17) Marigrace “Grace” E. Serafica of PNB ATM Division; (18) Alberto “Abet” M. Zapanta of PNB Reengineering Division; (19) Johanna “Hannah” C. Acuna of Allied Bank –Head Office; (20) Ma. Noemi O. Amador-Capunitan of Allied Bank – Head Office; (21) Maricris “Chris” B. Ballon of Allied Bank Divisoria Branch; (22) Raymund “Mon” S. Crisol of Allied Bank – Aguirre Branch; (23) Ma. Jeannie I Mendoza of Allied Bank – Monumento Branch; (24) Juanito “Jun” C. Banela of CIBI’ (25) Victor C. Victorino of CIBI; (26) Laudimer “Omel” Arandia of Peoples Insurance; (27) Alona C. Beliganio of Belkin Management Consultancy Philippines, Inc.; (28) Alan A. Valenzuela of Peoples Insurance; (29) Genevic “Gene” B. Baria of Angelus; (30) Erwin C. de la Cruz of Angelus; (31) Nenita “Nenet” A. Caringal of SM Lazo Medical Center; (32) Omega “Megs” P. Olano of SM Lazo Medical Center; (33) Joselito “Lito” D. Perinion of SM Lazo Medical Center; (34) Andrew M. Bay of CITEM; (35) Jose Martin F. Duyala of CITEM; (36) Brenda B. Bernabe of Aztec Philippines Corporation; (37) Mary Jane “Jing” V. Gumba of the Bank of Commerce – Head Office; (38) Fortunato “Bong” C. Rosales of Pardee Computer; (39) Ma. Menchu B. Segovia; (40) Elino “Jun” Q. Sorquia; (41) Ma. Consuelo “Connie” I. Vasquez of Alsons Cement Corporation; (42) Wilma S. Mosuela of PNB IT Group; and (43) myself.

There were only 2 initiates, namely: (1) Arthur “Art” S. Tagle of PNB IT Group and (2) Marco Rei Antonio “Marco” W. del Mundo of CITEM. The 9 guests were: (1) Marilyn M. Santiago of PNB IBS Group and an Ayala Mountaineer and (2) his boyfriend, John “Totit” R. Jaromahum; (3) Katerina “Kat-kat” S. Claraval of CITEM; (4) Mark Victor V. Sales of CITEM; (5) Arnold B. Enciso of CIBI; (6) Phillip M. Diaz of Allied Bank – Head Office; (7) James L. Bulanon – brother of Menchu B. Segovia; (8) Glenn Carlos A. de Guzman – my guest; and (9) Renee “Dee” R. Molina of Allied Bank – Head Office.

Baguio City was a part of this trip as our chartered bus was only up to this place. We boarded three jeepneys from Ambangeg in a 10-kilometer steep track for almost four hours going to Babadak Rangers Station in which we travelled through a very rough and muddy road which lasted for more than six hours or from 5:20 to 11:55 A.M. The trek from the jumpoff point started at almost 1:00 P.M. despite the heavy downpour, freezing temperature and strong winds. The following day of November 28 was very rewarding as we had ample time to photograph the beautiful scenery within the vicinity of The Plateau and Myra’s Peak and socials followed until 3:00 P.M. We had our summit assault at almost 4:00 P.M. and induction of initiates followed. Back in our campsite at around 5:30 P.M., the view was fantastic --- the sky looked like God’s palette, as He was about to finish painting the day into night.

We had a disastrous night because a heavy downpour coupled with very strong winds leveled down some of our tents but not ours in the group of Roy Pison and Jun Galang. Some were soaked in water as the whole camp was flooded. The following day, as we descended to Babadak Rangers Station for Baguio City, I felt an incredible sense of nostalgia as I was completely leaving the majestic mountain.

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