Monday, September 23, 2013


Location: Brgy. Pagsulhugon of Babatngon, Leyte, Philippines
Nearest Airport: Tacloban Airport

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It’s worth to visit San Rafael Farm as you will be fascinated by its marvelously designed landscape. At one glance, one might think, it is a natural landscape but as you stroll around the place, you will discover it is purely man-made and you will admire the one who conceptualized its amazing landscaping. Located in Brgy. Pagsulhugon of Babatngon, Leyte which is 25-minute drive from downtown Tacloban, this place is perfect for meditation or even for social functions like wedding, baptism and birthday occasions.

The man-made lagoon

I came to know the place when I read the blog of Journeying James . By then, I obliged myself to include it as part of my trip itinerary when I attended the wedding of my colleague in Ormoc City. I have been to Tacloban City for a number of times since I am from the province of Samar but I have no idea that such a place like this exist. Thanks to James.

The scenery from inside the restaurant

Fortunately, a high school friend of mine resides in Tacloban City and so we planned together on how to squeeze my trip schedule so that I can include San Rafael Farm in my trip along with my Kalanggaman Island escapade.

The pavillion where the restaurant is housed

Together with another high school friend, we visited this San Rafael Farm and they treated me with a sumptuous lunch there. As far as I can recall, there is an array of choices for any refreshment or meal one may choose like the kilawing tanigue, farmer’s salad, herb-roasted chicken, string potatoes, turon (ripe banana saba), baked scallops with butter and garlic, baby- back ribs, green rice, lemon grass tea, carrots and corn side dish, buko gelatin, big servings of halo-halo, house-brewed iced tea. I tried the Kilawing Tanigue, herb-roasted chicken, green rice with carrots and corn side dish. The big serving of halo-halo was more than enough for me to seal my stomach to its maximum limit.

Trees provide shades leading to the man-made lagoon

While dining on its main building which is a restaurant, I was amazed with the interior designing made inside it where intricate pieces of antiques creates an ambiance of serenity and somewhat I was travelling in a time machine meeting up the characters in the era of Spanish colonizers of the Philippines where Ibarra could possibly been also there. Outside the restaurant is an infinity pond inhabited by a number of Japanese koi.

Garden stations and nipa huts are covered with vines

Going further outside, I enjoyed the garden stations almost covered with vines. There is a tree house which seems so magical and it was so cool enjoying the soothing cool breeze from trees around. The tree house can serve as a view deck to see in totality the man-made lagoon where a boating is available. One can do rowing moat. A moat is a deep, broad ditch, either dry or filled with water, that surrounds a castle, other building or town, historically to provide it with a preliminary line of defence during the Medieval era in Europe. In some places moats evolved into more extensive water defences, including natural or artificial lakes, dams and sluices. In later periods the moat or water defences may be largely ornamental.

Boating in the man-made lagoon

The refreshing and magical tree house

Just to give you an idea, you can have a drive of 30 minutes going to San Juanico Bridge or visit the historical Leyte Landing Park in Palo, Leyte.


  1. This is so relaxing! In touch with nature!

  2. Ask ko lang p.o. If from Dagami City p.o. Kami malapit nlang po Ba ito????I want this place p.o. Kasi to be held my wedding ceremony

  3. Ask ko lang p.o. If from Dagami City p.o. Kami malapit nlang po Ba ito????I want this place p.o. Kasi to be held my wedding ceremony

    1. From Tacloban City proper to Dagami City is 32 kilometers drive for 40 minutes at a regular non-traffic condition. From Tacloban City proper to this farm resort is another 31 kilometers. Coming from Tacloban City to Babatngon Road imposes a heavy traffic.

    2. Dagami City is soutwest of Tacloban City while Babatngon where this farm resort is located is northwest of Tacloban.