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I regret I was not able to visit this attraction when I visited Ilocos Norte. I am reminded of these rock formations when I visited the awesome and enchanting Biri Island of Northern Samar. The next time I visit Ilocos Norte, the The Sand Dunes of Paoay and this one will be of highest priority to visit.

Again, for purposes of reference and convenience of my blog readers, I included this post to complete the package of an Ilocos Norte tour.

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As this one is located in the municipality of Burgos where the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse is located, then, both should be scheduled one after another to save time. Having not visited yet the place, though I have seen some pictures of it, I am not really in a position to describe the place. The municipality of Burgos, was named after the martyred priest, José Apolonio Burgos y García, a Filipino mestizo secular priest, accused of mutiny by the Spanish colonial authorities in the Philippines in the 19th century. However, a little background would suffice for my reader’s delight. The sources of these information are coming from various blogs I read as well as the Wikipedia.

This picture belongs to Glenn Hufancia

Since its exact location is along Bangui Bay, then it is also close to the Bangui Windmills. On the other hand, the term “kapurpurawan” means white since all the rock formations you will see there are all white. One blogger said, looking at those rock formations seemed to be really magical. And visiting the place is like an event, the same that one would feel when visiting the Biri Island where every detail of the rock formation can tell one a different story.

From the early times, tourists can get closer on its rock formations. However, with some people leaving marks and vandalism on these rock formations, the local tourism management has now restricted some parts of it to be at the close encounter by the tourists. They can only be viewed or taken with pictures at a distance. But you don’t have to worry since some parts of it are still open to tourists to get close and experience its natural beauty through a natural touch.

As a consolation, there is no entrance fee charged here. Just be reminded that since it is an open with no shades of trees around, you must take with you some covering like an umbrella and equip yourself with wrench quenching drinks since it is really hot in here.

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