Friday, May 22, 2015


Location: Calbayog, Samar, Philippines

The sight of a dead end search

As part of my May 2-8, 2015 Samar-Leyte-Biliran-Mactan-Cebu Trip, I made sure that Tarangban and Bangon Water Falls of Calbayog would be a part of it after my San Antonio-Capul Tour. I assumed too much that our van driver/tour guide will be able to drive us going there.

Bangon-Bugtong Falls as shown in famous blogger's post Mr. Gideon Lasco at

I read extensively this post of Sir Gideon that I was mesmerized and decided that this attraction will have a place in my forthcoming summer trip. As I was busy with my work, I did not notice that I was not able to print the details of the Bangon Falls. I was also thinking that being a Calbayognon, I knew much the place and my alternative is even to ask the locals.

Photo of Tarangban Falls courtesy of Boyet's Tour in his blog at Tourists Haven

Another water falls of Calbayog which I became interested with was the Tarangban Water Falls wherein I was fascinated with the pictures I saw from Boyet's Tour blog at Tourists Haven but just the same, I was not able to print its details.

A long drive to an unknown peripheral road from Pan Philippine Highway

In short, I was not really equipped with information on how to direct my guide in locating the destinations I wanted to visit. We resorted to asking almost everybody that we saw along our way. Surely, they were accommodating enough to answer our queries and giving us directions on how to find the location we desired to reach. But just to find out that we came to a dead end. It was a large river without a bridge and when we asked where we can find the water falls, they said, that part of the river serves as water falls when the current is strong and heavy during rainy season. We also passed through two small rivers where mothers were washing clothes and their children were playing fun with the small rapids and where they described it to us as water falls.

An unexpected superb scenery on our way back to Pan Philippine Highway

Sensing that it was futile to pursue our target destination from a dead end route, we drove back again to Pan Philippine Highway which was along coastal areas. Long and winding roads were so scenic. There were instances where roads had a deep drop and on top of these highly elevated roads unfolded to our sight the breathtaking views of the blue seas blending with the lush green mountainous terrain. We can't help then but to get off from our chartered van and have ample shots for souvenir.

Veriato Falls

As we continued driving, we reached Veriato and since its water falls is just a few meters away from the highway, we all jumped from the van to see what was in store for us in this attraction. It was almost 11:00 A.M. then and it was so hot. The water was obviously not clear as the other night there was rain which was unusual for a summer season. The falls was like a public pool and washing area of the locals and so by the time we were there, there were a lot of them cooling themselves from the hot temperature of the sun. With that sight, we just had a picture taking and we left the place.

Ton-ok Hanging Bridge

Our driver guide, really felt how disappointed we were and so he suggested that we visit their place in Ton-ok where there is a hanging bridge and water falls. His place is a part of Oquendo District of Calbayog and after the town proper of Oquendo, we still had a long drive passing through a few barangays until we reached Pan-as Hayiban Protected Landscape of Ton-ok.

Ton-ok Water Falls as part of Pan-as Hayiban Protected Landscape

From the point where our chartered van was parked, we trekked for almost 20 minutes going to the water falls. Part of the trail was the long hanging bridge. Most of the trail was open and so we felt the hot sun in our skin. We reached the water falls and only four of us out of 10 decided to have a swim since the basin was so deep though the water was so cold. It was like a fiesta in the water falls. There were a lot people there who wanted to have a cool dip.

Enjoying the hanging bridge during our return trek

Trekking back to where our chartered van was parked a little less hot as compared to the time when we were trekking to the water falls at almost 12:30 Noon. My companions and I had enjoyed our moment taking photos of the hanging bridge.

Taking a picture of the hanging bridge down from the river

I spent ample time to take photos of the hanging bridge from almost all angles. One was taking a picture down below where I need to step down to the river and took the shot from there.

Taking a picture of the hanging bridge with the locals

For the second time around, most of my companions decided to take some photos on the hanging bridge. This time, they were no longer scared compared to the first time they crossed it. Each one of them had their solo moment with the hanging bridge.

A last look of the hanging bridge

As we boarded back in our chartered van, we headed to our accommodation, that is the Guest House of the Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Shrine in Malajog, Tinambacan Distric, Calbayog, Samar. The road travel was worth one and half hours. It was there that we stayed overnight as we prepared for our Catbalogan-Tacloban-Naval-Sambawan Trip the following day.

I might have failed to locate Bangon and Tarangban Water Falls but the quest and urge of conquering it is very much alive in my midst.


  1. Wow! Taragban waterfall is a beauty.

    1. Katherine, I failed. We failed. We were not able to find it. Maybe, I will find time to have it next time around.

  2. What beautiful photos you have here! I have not heard of those awesome places. Thanks for sharing your travel.

    1. You are welcome, Thelma. Hope you can also visit these places soon.

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  4. i've seen a lot of photos here, so wonderful! i'm just hoping someday that i come here in this awesome place.. i'm planning this coming month (MAY) in our barkada's to visit and have fun....

    1. I hope you and your group had already visited and traveled to this amazing place this month of May 2016.