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Location: Barangay Malajog, Tinambacan District, Calbayog City, Samar, Philippines

The imposing Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Shrine

Note: This is a part of my May 2 - 8, 2015 Samar-Leyte-Biliran-Mactan-Cebu Trip which includes: Capul Island, San Antonio Island, Dalutan Island, Sambawan Island, The Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Shrine, Ciriaco Hotel, Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral, Other Calbayog tours, San Juanico Bridge, MacArthur Landing Memorial National Park, Limasawa Island

The Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Shrine is indeed, a pride of Calbayog City. It was erected through the leadership of Mr. Leonardo Hermo Oben, Jr. or known as Junior, when he was still the barangay captain of Barangay Malajog. This whole area of real estate property is a conjugal property of the deceased couple Catalino Pelito Oben and Dionesia Abayon Oben. Junior is just one of the descendants of this deceased couple. Junior worked hard in the United States to finance this project where on its later stage, some of his friends and relatives in the USA, had helped him to finance the completion of this project.

The shrine taken from the Look Beach

Brgy. Malajog is 24 kilometers away from Calbayog City or approximately 25 minutes drive. Malajog is one of the barangays of Tinambacan District --- which is one the three districts of Calbayog City, Samar. This shrine is closer to Calbayog Airport at 18.7 kilometers or 19.5 minutes drive.

The shrine taken from the entry point of the Kutay peninsula

The construction of this shrine started in October 2007 erecting initially the 22-foot statue of the Blessed Virgin Mother. It was in the year 2009 that the 14 stations of the cross, nativity scene, resurrection and the ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ and two archangels has been started and was finished for more than a year where the construction of all statues was supervised by Mr. Jose Camacho. By September 4, 2010, the blessing of this shrine has been held through Bishop Isabelo C. Abarquez and he declared it as the Marian place for reflection and meditation.

The 20-foot statue of the Queen of the Most Holy Rosary on top of the hill

By February 2012, the construction of the shrine’s chapel with its adjoining guest rooms was started where there was no architect employed for this building construction. All the designs was the concept of Junior and was supervised by its visiting engineer, Mr. Allan Lanuza. The chapel is named Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary. Presently, the shrine is fully operative accepting guests who wanted to stay overnight in Barangay Malajog.

The underlying view from the hilltop

There are three guest rooms at the back of the chapel where each guest room has one double-bed and one king-size bed for an overnight charge of only P1,500 per room equipped with airconditioned units and lockers to keep the guests’ stuff safe. Each guest room has each own comfort and bath room with clean towels also provided.

Overlooking the beach front stretch from atop the shrine

The common area for these three guest rooms is a 10-seater dining table, a sala and porch and a kitchen equipped with gas range and freezer where guests can use for free including the plates, cutleries and kitchen utensils. Cooking of the food can be requested from the very accommodating caretaker, Mr. Ricky Sagala.

The rewarding scenery of the famous Malajog Lo-ok Beach as viewed from atop the shrine

As of this posting, there are on-going construction for the terrace for the sunset viewing at the back of the chapel, guard house, gift shop and the office of the shrine association.

Aerial view of the guest house and the chapel

Just below the shrine is the lone building with the guest house on the rear part of the building and the front has the chapel named Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary. The shrine nestles in the Kutay peninsula. It was once an abandoned piece of property.

Overlooking the vast beach coast from atop the shrine

Indeed, the peak of the hill offers a 360 degrees panoramic view showcasing the nearby islands and islets, the beaches, the rugged mountains and the picture of Barangay Malajog on its totality.

Clean beds and cabinets with lockers are provided

Guest rooms are spacious for a minimum of five persons and it allows extra bed (s) for a bigger group of family occupants and there are enough electrical outlets so that guests can provide the following day. There is mobile and internet network within the area.

Two of the guests' common areas - the dining table and the living room

There are common areas in the guests' house such as the hightech kitchen and the spacious living room with the dining table just adjacent to it. The living room has a glass sliding door which offers the complete scenery of the nearby picturesque islands.

Dining table, living room and the kitchen rolled into one common place

The ambiance inside the guesthouse on its guest rooms are just so rewarding as its amenities are just the same with that of a typical hotel room which are fully furnished.

The Most Holy Rosary Chapel

The chapel can accommodate at least 60 persons during held Catholic masses. Holy masses are only held if there are some special occasions.

Each guest room has a double bed and the queen size bed

Just close to the shrine are some added attractions where guests can also enjoy just like the beach line stretch of Lo-ok Beach. The beach itself is being surrounded by high limestone walls grown with trees which are used as a habitat of the “balinsasayaw” birds where its feces are used as expensive soup in some hotels.

Daraga Islet as taken from the gate of the shrine

Next is the Daraga Islet which is just across the shrine for 5 minutes boat drive. Guests can request the caretaker to look for boat facility to cross to the islet where it is good for swimming. The islet is uninhabited and there are no facilities there. Since nobody manages the islet, guests can enjoy it without paying for any entrance.

A private sea port as viewed atop the shrine

Another 6 minutes drive is the Malopalo massive marble walls along the Bulungto River which empties to the sea. Its entry point is in Malopalo Bridge.

Malopalo marble walls along Bulungto River

To reserve accommodation for the guest rooms, you may contact Mrs. Naty Oben, the wife of Junior at 09175516532 or contact Junior through his Facebook account at

Calbayog is tagged as the City of Water Falls and some other tourist attractions. Thus, it deserves to be toured around. You can hire a van good to move around the place through Indira Ambos Rumohr with Facebook account at or through her mobile number at 09177188182 or through her driver in the name of Mr. Rey Tocayon with mobile number at 09265078350.

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