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Location: Almeria Municipality, Biliran Province, Region VIII, Philippines

The breath taking scenery taken from Dalutan beach line

Note: This is a part of my May 2 - 8, 2015 Samar-Leyte-Biliran-Mactan-Cebu Trip which includes: Capul Island, San Antonio Island, Dalutan Island, Sambawan Island, The Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Shrine, Ciriaco Hotel, Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral, Other Calbayog tours, San Juanico Bridge, MacArthur Landing Memorial National Park, Limasawa Island

Dalutan Island is a pristine white sand beach island shaded by overhanging trees which include the tropical coconut trees. It is 45 minutes motorized boat ride from the sea port of Naval. The total stretch of the scenic 2,783 feet (848 meters above sea level) -Mount Panamao Mount which ranks 723rd highest mountain of the Philippines can be captured here.

Tropical coconut trees abundantly grows in the island paradise

Dalutan is just one of the islands of Biliran where vacationers can enjoy. Others include: Higatangan, Capinahan, Maripipi and Sambawan.

Trees give substantial shade in the island

Visitors should bring with them food, water and camping equipment for there is nothing in the island but few open hut cottages. However, it is quite rewarding that the island is a place where one can enjoy fishing, camping, trekking, scuba diving, snorkeling, photography, painting, team building activities and even simple family gatherings.

The open cottages for rent

We visited this island just to experience how it feels to be there as we were rushing to reach Sambawan island. But if given the chance, I would to love stay here for a day. Overnight here is not allowed. It closes at 5:00 P.M.

The breath taking blend of colors of the sky, sea and the white sand

We are lucky enough that we landed here at 3:00 P.M. nobody was around to charge us for the entrance fees which is suppose to be P20 for adults and P10 for minors. Rental for big cottages is pegged at P200 and the small ones are at P150. These rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Small open hut cottage at P150 day rental

It is highly recommended that no one should travel to/from here beyond 5:00 P.M. most especially during bad weather as the sea becomes turbulent. As we noticed, late afternoon travel here is not advisable as the sea starts to become rough until night time. Mornings are the best to visit the place and leave there at 5:00 P.M.

The legendary Mount Panamao at the background as taken from Dalutan Island

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  1. Mukahang masyado malalim ang tubig or high tide lang.

  2. hindi siya high tide. mababa ang tubig. may part talaga na malalim kasi kantil pero mayroon namang puedeng paliguan kasi hindi kalaliman.