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Location: Sitio Gibien, Barangay Landingan, Municipality of Nagtipunan, Quirino Province, Philippines

This is a part of my March 25-26, 2016 Quirino Province Tour Package which includes: Aglipay Caves, Governor's Rapids, Siitan River and Bimmapor Rock Formations, Scenic Nagtipunan Hills and Cabarroguis Quick Tour.

One of the rock formations inside the cave (Photo credit: Sheryl Ronquillo)

This is my second day of my March 25-26, 2016 Quirino Trip. After we spent almost the whole morning till lunch time of March 26, 2016 in Siitan River and Bimmapor Rock Formation, we had another short drive of around 25 minutes going to Sitio Gibien. Like, Siitan River, Diamond Cave is in Nagtipunan of the province of Quirino.

The scenic road leading to Sitio Gibien

Driving to Diamond Cave will bring you an exciting experience as you cut through scenic roads, rolling hills, road backdrops and rice fields with golden hue not to mention that the roads are cemented complimented with the scent of smoked dry rice stalks burned as land fertilizers.

This is what you will see while trekking to the entrance of the cave

Having an spelunking in Diamond Cave requires a local guide with the ratio of 1:3. There is a registration of P50 per head. It is up to you to give a tip to the guide. You have to trek for another 10 minutes before reaching the jump-off point where you will get the guide. The guides are nice and courteous and they knew their craft.

An ascent with a solid ramp towards the entrance of the cave

One thing that I was not satisfied about the guiding service was that, the flashlights have weak lights giving a dark output of pictures. It was too dark inside the cave and weak lights will not give good effect to the pictures. I suggested to the supervising team that they should provide a "petromax" for their guide like what the local guides use in Sumaguing Cave of Sagada giving abundant light inside the cave.

One of the best rocks inside the cave (Photo Credit: Sheryl Ronquillo)

We have a traverse spelunking were our exit was in a different location. It started with a dry ground heading to semi-wet ground and walls. It was really very dark inside but with all the caves I have entered in Quirino province, this has the best rock formations on its interior.

Weak light provision

As we get further inside, the ground was becoming wet until we were trailing narrow passages one needs to use a rope because down there are low cliffs with deep dripping water down there. And mind you, the trail was so slippery.

Exiting the backdoor of the cave

The trail was so long that its one way can be completed for an hour. However, it was getting late by then and so we cut short the spelunking and we decided to go out. Besides, the trail was becoming risky and the water inside the cave was getting deeper.

Heading down to the jumpoff point after exiting from backdoor


Below is a comprehensive guide of Lakad Pilipinason how to go to Quirino coming from different points.

There’s no easy way to access Quirino Province from Metro Manila. Directly, one can take a late overnight bus from Metro Manila and arrive at the town of Maddela the next morning. It’s time-consuming but less expensive than taking a one-hour flight from Cebu Pacific Air to Cauayan Airport in the neighboring town of Isabela. From there, one still has to ride a one and a half hour van ride to Cabarroguis, the province’s capital. Alternatively, one can also ride a one-hour flight to Tugeugarao City via Cebu Pacific Air and Philippine Airlines, then board a three-hour van ride to Quirino.

Traveling to Quirino via Metro ManilaVIA METRO MANILA

There are bus terminals in Cubao, Quezon City and Sampaloc, Manila that goes directly to Quirino Province. Most have a daily schedule to the province and usually rides out at night, arriving the next morning. Ticket fares are usually at around Php500.00, give or take, for a one-way trip. Please call the numbers provided for their respective bus schedules.

Five Star – Cubao | (02) 851-6614 | Twice Daily | Fare Php500.00+/-
GV Florida – Manila | (02) 743-3809 & (02) 781-5894 | Fare Php500.00+/-
Nelbusco – Manila | (02) 712 5902 & (02) 743-1332 | Fare Php500.00+/-
Northern Luzon Bus Line – Manila | Fare Php500.00+/-

Cebu Pacific Air - (02) 7020-888
Flies four times weekly to Cauayan, Isabela (plus 1.5 hours van to Cabarroguis, Quirino)
Flies daily to Tuguegarao (plus 3 hours van ride to Cabarroguis, Quirino)

Philippine Airlines - (02) 855 8888
Flies daily to Tuguegarao (plus 3 hours van ride to Cabarroguis, Quirino)

Traveling to Quirino via Baguio CityVIA BAGUIO CITY
There are two known bus companies that ply the Baguio to Quirino Province route, NA Liner and Kiangan Motor Service (KMS) bus lines ((0915) 947-1440, (0999) 849-2106, (074) 304-3113). Both have daily trips to Madella, Quirino.

Traveling to Quirino via BalerVIA BALER, AURORA
Passenger vans, pick-ups and ordinary buses regularly ply the Aurora-Quirino route. These trips last for about three to five hours on the mountainous road of Aurora's Dipaculao municipality.

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