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Location: Barangay Pongo, Nagtipunan, Quirino, Philippines

This is a part of my March 25-26, 2016 Quirino Province Tour Package which includes: Aglipay Caves, Governor's Rapids, Diamond Cave, Scenic Nagtipunan Hills and Cabarroguis Quick Tour.

The breathtaking Bimmapor Rock Formation and Siitan River

This is my second day of my March 25-26, 2016 Quirino Trip. It was a long drive of more than one and half hours in a bright and clear morning going to this place from our accommodation base in the capital town of Cabarroguis. We’ve passed through dramatic rolling hills of an extremely scenic countryside. I was in complete awe as every inch of scenery is unfolded in my eyes.

The spacious non-concrete open vehicle parking

This time, we are heading to Bimmapor Rock Formation which completely showcases a spectacular geological landscape of massive limestone wall nestled along Siitan River where it is a head water of Cagayan River, awarded as a Hall of Fame for Cleanness an Inland Bodies of Water in the Philippines. This is the same river leading to that of the Governor’s Rapids.

The aerial view of the entry point to Siitan River

This tourism site is located in Barangay Pongo of Nagtipunan in the province of Quirino. Nagtipunan is the last municipality of the province which boarders the province of Aurora. Of all municipalities, this one exudes so much beauty in terms of landscape features.

Just about to have the first river crossing boarding a boat

Activities which one can enjoy to have in Governor’s Rapids can also be done here, like: water tubing, boating or river cruising, rock climbing, rappelling, cliff diving, picnic, photography and the like.

Makeshift nipa and wooden cottages for rental just after crossing the river

The combination of pristine waters, blue skies and green forest and limestone walls are more than enough to refresh anybody who happens to commune with mother nature here. Stones of varying sizes and colors can be seen along the river banks.

The point where water tubing optionally ends

The water tubing starts after the first river crossing. According to our guide, during raining season, water level is high and the strong current is more treacherous. In this case, more part of the river banks are submerged.

Water tubing continues after it turns right upstream

By the way, these are the fees that tourists will pay if they opt the whole package experience, namely: river cruise with vest - P175 and water tubing is at P100. All in all, one will pay a total of P275 to enjoy these exciting activities.

River cruising takes off again at this point

After the water tubing, tourists board again in a boat heading upstream. However, we are given the freedom whether to board a boat right away or to stay longer for a swim.

A showcase of rock formation

Every part of the river is very inviting for one to have a swim. However, you will be left to your discretion whether stay for a swim or ride a boat for cruising. After all, there a number of boats alternating to take passengers heading upstream.

Shallow part of the river for swimming

Though each one is equipped with a life vest, kids who wanted to swim should be accompanied by the elders to ensure safety as there are some pats of the river with strong current.

This point has deep waters

Cruising upstream offers a different experience and excitement since rock formations vary in spectacular forms and a bigger boat carry tourists heading upstream. However, at this point, these are no-go area for swimming since they are already deep. Evidently, it is, as deep water runs silent.

A total splendor of stunning beauty of nature

It can be seen that the massive limestone walls are being dotted with tourists whose passion is rock climbing and rappelling. To ensure safety, local guides can be requested to accompany them with an additional fee. I saw groups of men and women who exhibited high spirits in trying these challenging activity or can even be considered a sports already of its own.

A typical double-body boat to accompany more tourists

Those who opt to stay in any part of the river do not have to worry because boats carrying tourists are available in regular time interval. However, it is advisable to carry umbrella or any cover because cruising is hot considering that it is an open area.

The point where river cruise ends

The river cruise takes barely 30 minutes heading upstream. And there is a drop off point there where tourists can stay for a swim for go back right away boarding the same boat. This point is also good for a picnic site but you have to take with you a tent for cover.

The cliff diving point

There is a point which offers an excellent flatform for cliff diving. However, only brave souls can do this because the dropping point is deep. Again, doing this, requires a local guide to ensure safety.

Overlooking Siitan River from a high cliff


Below is a comprehensive guide of Lakad Pilipinason how to go to Quirino coming from different points.

There’s no easy way to access Quirino Province from Metro Manila. Directly, one can take a late overnight bus from Metro Manila and arrive at the town of Maddela the next morning. It’s time-consuming but less expensive than taking a one-hour flight from Cebu Pacific Air to Cauayan Airport in the neighboring town of Isabela. From there, one still has to ride a one and a half hour van ride to Cabarroguis, the province’s capital. Alternatively, one can also ride a one-hour flight to Tugeugarao City via Cebu Pacific Air and Philippine Airlines, then board a three-hour van ride to Quirino.

Traveling to Quirino via Metro ManilaVIA METRO MANILA

There are bus terminals in Cubao, Quezon City and Sampaloc, Manila that goes directly to Quirino Province. Most have a daily schedule to the province and usually rides out at night, arriving the next morning. Ticket fares are usually at around Php500.00, give or take, for a one-way trip. Please call the numbers provided for their respective bus schedules.

Five Star – Cubao | (02) 851-6614 | Twice Daily | Fare Php500.00+/-
GV Florida – Manila | (02) 743-3809 & (02) 781-5894 | Fare Php500.00+/-
Nelbusco – Manila | (02) 712 5902 & (02) 743-1332 | Fare Php500.00+/-
Northern Luzon Bus Line – Manila | Fare Php500.00+/-

Cebu Pacific Air - (02) 7020-888
Flies four times weekly to Cauayan, Isabela (plus 1.5 hours van to Cabarroguis, Quirino)
Flies daily to Tuguegarao (plus 3 hours van ride to Cabarroguis, Quirino)

Philippine Airlines - (02) 855 8888
Flies daily to Tuguegarao (plus 3 hours van ride to Cabarroguis, Quirino)

Traveling to Quirino via Baguio CityVIA BAGUIO CITY
There are two known bus companies that ply the Baguio to Quirino Province route, NA Liner and Kiangan Motor Service (KMS) bus lines ((0915) 947-1440, (0999) 849-2106, (074) 304-3113). Both have daily trips to Madella, Quirino.

Traveling to Quirino via BalerVIA BALER, AURORA
Passenger vans, pick-ups and ordinary buses regularly ply the Aurora-Quirino route. These trips last for about three to five hours on the mountainous road of Aurora's Dipaculao municipality.


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