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Location: Gate 2, Barangay Kanlurang Bukal, Liliw, Laguna, Philippines

Note: This is a part of my 2-day Pandin-Yambu twin-lake tour, Liliw shopping spree and food trip, attending holy mass at Liliw Church, overnight at Liliw Resort, religious visit to Nagcarlan Church and historic tour to Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery.

The luxuriant Liliw Resort

Liliw Resort is just more than a kilometer from Poblacion through public utility motorcab. After a tiring and endless shopping in the town center of Liliw; dining from White House Pavilion and attending mass at Saint John the Baptist Parish Church, the best option is to stay overnight in this resort.

A little green paradise

As this resort rests along a running spring, it gives a soothing cold water. It has affordable nipa/wood hut cottages with small dining area, grilling/cooking area, sink, toilet and bath, and beds. Beware though, the water in the spring is ice cold! There are no TV sets but there is electricity where you can charge your gadgets. In addition,there is no network signal either Globe or Smart.

While at the cold spring in the morning

The cottages vary in sizes where the pricing follows. They are identified with the name of the flowers like: Sampaguita, Waling-Waling and a few others. But the biggest cottage that I have seen was the Maranao. It has like a function hall. We stayed in Sampaguita where there were three rooms with each room has one bed equipped with only a fan. The comfort/bathroom is common and there is like a common living room with kitchen and dining table. Not bad at all.

Viewing the cascading spring adjacent to the cottages

Facilities of the resort are so basic. The caretakers are difficult to locate most particularly at night though they sleep inside the resort. Not a world-class but with backpackers, groups and family bonding activities, this resort is the ideal one with its affordable rental rate. I had the chance to roam around in the morning and met some backpackers who just did their shopping spree and food trip in Liliw town. Like us, a few of them just came from Pandin Lake of San Pablo City.

Defying the ice cold water of the spring

Mind you, I had a good and soundly sleep at our resort. It was so cold that I did not even need an electric fan. The beddings and blanket were so ordinary and so I had to use my own where I took it intended for a soundly and warm sleep.

Pretending to be comfortably seated in an ice-cold water

It is advisable that guests should bring their own food as there is no assurance that they can order food from the Kamayan Restaurant situated at the main entrance which I saw was already closed at 10 P.M. when we arrived to check-in and was still even closed when I roamed around in the morning at 8:30 A.M.till we checked out at 9:30 A.M. Maybe, bigger groups can arrange their food ahead of time by the time they reserve for accommodation.

The kiddie pool

The swimming pools are outside the cottages area where one has to go out first from the main gate of the resort. The entrance fee irregardless of age, day trip or overnight is P50. It was not clear if it only covers the kids but not the infants. Common sense, he he he . . .

The adult pool

Parking fees are charged to vary as to: overnight is P100 for the bus and P50 for jeepney while the day tour charges P50 for the buses and P25 for the jeepney. Jeepney and cars have the same rates, I suppose.

My companion friends (from left to right): Hara Yukiko (Japanese), Jessie Gines and Judy Aguinaldo

Join me to see more of the resort through the following pictures:

As resorts vary in size, it would be practical to contact the administration office with the following contact details:

Ms. Maye
Liliw Resort
Gate 2, Kanlurang Bakal, Liliw, Laguna

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