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Location: Liliw, Laguna, Philippines

Note: This is a part of my 2-day Pandin-Yambu twin-lake tour, Liliw shopping spree and food trip, attending holy mass at Liliw Church, overnight at Liliw Resort, religious visit to Nagcarlan Church and historic tour to Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery.

The Baroque-inspired architecture of Liliw Church

St. John the Baptist Parish Church is popularly known to most tourists of Liliw as Liliw Church. It is one of the Roman Catholic churches in Laguna which was opened in 1646. Its feast is celebrated every August 29 known as the Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist.

Indeed a massive edifice

This church which is recorded to have been 370 years old serves as the center of activities for most Catholics of Liliw. However,the first church was built in wood in 1620. A stronger stone church was built from 1643 to 1646 and was partially destroyed during the 1880 Luzon earthquake. It was reconstructed in 1885 and was partially burned in April 6, 1898 (Wikipedia). So, counting from where it was originally built, the church is close to its founding anniversary of 400 years, four years from this writing.

The brick Church belltower and the statue of Fatima

Yes, the most striking feature of the church is its facade made of striking red bricks and adobe. By looking at it closely, even without the carbonating machine, one can tell that this structure is indeed centuries old.

An interior of solemn and heavenly ambiance

Attending the mass in this church is quite such a cleansing experience. I felt so holy inside it listening to every word of the Gospel. I felt then so closer to God. The indoor lighting is so different from other churches. The scent inside made me feel I am totally besieged with religiosity and piousness. I felt I was like renewed as a Catholic believer. I was alone when I attended the mass, away from my three companions who were busy for their shopping spree.

The pulpit: an indication of old Hispanic church

This church is just a block away from the municipal hall, two blocks away from Badong and three blocks away from White House Pavilion. But they are small blocks. It is just a walking distance from these points.

The main altar and the side altar

For Catholics, don't miss to attend holy mass in this church. It will turn out to be a different if not an entirely different experience. Below is the schedule of masses:

Daily Masses Schedule

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