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Location: Matalom, Southern Leyte, Philippines

Note: This is a part of my 4-day Maasin City Trip which includes: Shrine of Our Lady of the Assumption and the Most Precious Blood of Jesus, Shrine of Our Lady of the Assumption at Jalleca Hills, Our Lady of the Assumption Parish Cathedral of Maasin, Maasin City Tour, Saint Francis Javier Shrine and Canigao Island.

The pristine waters surrounding Canigao islet

This paradise island has been a part of my May 2015 Samar-Leyte-Biliran-Cebu Marathon tour itinerary but since it was our last destination after Dakdak Beach Resort of our Limasawa Tour, my travel buddies begged off to stay longer at Dakdak Resort rather than to travel again to Canigao before we push for Cebu City. Well, this time, as a solo traveler, I've got a chance for a 4-day Maasin Tour and this is it, Canigao!!!

True to its form of a white sand beach

My trip starts from Maasin which I have an accommodation where going to the Municipality of Matalom is 32.6 kilometers along the Bato-Bontoc Road for P28 bus fare with a trip duration of almost an hour or 50 minutes to be exact. Since Canigao Island has been managed already by Matalom LGU Office, its terminal is already centralized at its Santa Fe port. The uninhabited islet is just five kilometers off the shore.

The Santa Fe port to Canigao Island

Approaching the island boarding a boat is such a photographer's delight as the island becomes closer, its beauty is being magnified. As an islet, it has a size of 480 meters across its longest side and during low tide, its long white sandbar emerges but will submerge again during high tide. Its sand bar reminds me of my trip in Kalanggaman Island of Palompon, Leyte.

Boats are available at Santa Fe Port and entrance fee is also paid there with the following rates:

Age Bracket Round Trip Boat Fare Age Bracket Entrance Fee
9 years and above
13 years and above
4 - 8 years old
6 - 12 years old

The mountains of Matalom mainland serves as the beach backdrop

The management of the LGU of the islet is good for the tourists since the boat fares are regulated with Matalom Municipal Ordinance Number 07-2014 and no other private boat operators to provide boat service to the island. Other islands vary in boat rates because to charter a boat would depend on the bargaining of the operator and the tourist.

Cottages for rent identified after the names of the fishes like Hito, Talakitok and the like

Its scorching temperature was not bearable but once you dip into the water the temperature will be balanced because it is unexpectedly cold. One can really not resist of the island's turquoise and clean waters with soft sand of the sea bed somewhat massaging the sole of your feet.

Braving the scorching heat of the sun

The islet has such a good extensive coral reef ground and rich diversified marine life. It is known for abundant fishing grounds and scenic coral reef areas suitable for diving. In fact, it was formerly a fisherman's ground.

Cooling off inside the nipa hut cottages

While it was still hot, I had a solo stroll around the island to check what is are the best materials for this travel blog. Surprisingly, the sea breeze gives a cool feeling as it touches my skin. I did this after we had our lunch. We brought food stuff with us where we prepared at dawn.

A part of the islet with massive but flat rock beach line

Strolling around the island give me also an opportunity to collect some colorful shells and had meditative moments since there was nobody I can talk with. That is how I prefer when I am into a new place.

Very much tropical in beauty

Matalom LGU has constructed several cottages to accommodate more tourists

Volleyballers, this corner is for you!

Taking a break from a long walk and admiring the turquoise waters

The blending of the colors of the sky, sea, trees and the sand

The lush green part of the island

The sand bar during low tide

This part is already far from the cottages and I felt scary

Henna tattoo service is also offered in the island

Rooms for rent are also available

Waiting for the sun's heat to subside

The lighthouse facility of the island

Big group of campers can be accomodated here

After a circumferential tour around the island, I am now ready to swim

That's 3:00 P.M. and the sun shines at the other side of the island, and so, I started to swim again

Stayed longer for a swim till 5 P.M.

It has been the policy of LGU Matalom and Marina Coast Guard not to allow trips to the islet beyond 5 P.M. for safety reason and this is strictly implemented. Tourists who intend to stay for an overnight must cross to the island before 5 P.M.

The management has the following equipments and facilities for rental:

Item for Rent Amount Item for Rent Amount
Cottage (Daytime only)
Cottage (Overnight)
Space Rental for Personal Tent
Beach umbrella set


The nearest airports to Maasin are Cebu City, Ormoc City and Tacloban City. But plying from Cebu City would require you to board a ship from Cebu City's Pier 4 to cross to Hilongos, Southern Leyte for P286 which is around 5-6 hours sea travel of which we boarded M/V Joyful Stars. Then from Hilongos to Maasin is a bus service of P87 for more than 1 hour road travel.

If you are coming from Ormoc City, then it is approximately 3 hours drive for 131.9 kilometers via Baybay-Inopacan Road for a fare of P150. While if you are coming from Tacloban City Airport, then it is approximately 4 -5 hours drive at P270 for 194.8 kilometers via Bato - Bontoc Road and Eastern Nautical Highway.

If you opt to take a land travel via Bicol Peninsula and Samar, take Pintados Airconditioned Bus for P1,688 fare including ferry fare in Matnog (Sorsogon)-Allen/Alegria (Northern Samar) crossing or with the same route with Philtranco airconditioned buses for P1,706 excluding the ferry fare. This is either coming from Cubao or Pasay terminals to Maasin City. The travel time is approximately 26 - 28 hours excluding the waiting time for the availability of the ferry boat from Matnog to Allen.

From Maasin City, you can take a bus for P28 per head going to the Municipality of Matalom Port at Santa Fe which is 32.6 kilometers along the Bato-Bontoc Road with a trip duration of almost an hour or 50 minutes to be exact. From the Sante Fe Boat Terminal, passenger boats are available with rates stated above which is 5 kilometers off the coast to the islet at 15-20 minutes boat travel. Enjoy your travel!!!

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