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Location: Barangay Saljag, Calbayog City, Samar, Philippines

The luxurious beach resort of Mondejares Puertes

This luxurious beach resort has its advantage of its good location with a not-so-crowded place nestled along a prestine beach coast richly shaded with tropical coconut trees in Barangay Saljag, Calbayog City which is just 35 minutes from Calbayog City proper. It caters for a family accommodation, a traveler on a budget or a romantic couple wanting a romantic getaway. Guests here has the option to enjoy a swim on its pool or on its beach front. Its location is more than two kilometers away from Pan Philippine Highway and from there, one needs a private transport. But there is a public transport from Calbayog City which passes from that point of the highway. I suppose, from that point, there might be tricycle for hire to get inside this resort.

The landmark going to Mondejares

In the picture above, it shows that the left road is heading to Barangay Tomaligues while the road to the right side is heading towards Mondejares Beach resort which is around 150 meters further.

The inviting pools and its slides

The beach have two acquatic activities such as swimming in pool and sea, and boating using kayak and speedboat where the guest will really enjoy. There are also other services offer; the cottages where the guest put there things while enjoying the beach, the canteen and function hall which is good for different occasion like birthdays, seminars and etc. It has also tower in the center of the resort,it's about 3 stories high where you can see the view of the resort from above. There is plenty of space and a karaoke, for the people who like such things. There are rooms to be rented for those who'd like to stay overnight or for more days. The type of rooms to be rented are single, double, private and luxury room.

From atop a tower accommodation adjacent to the pool

Obviously, the architectural design of its buildings are magical and bizarre. Its towers are like that of the castles of the Renaissance period. Its location gives access to its adjacent beach front where guests can have the option to do kayaking, jetski and purely a leisurely beach swim.

If you want to just visit this beach resort for a picnic or just visit for the day to enjoy the aquatic activities such as swimming and boating you can. The owners of this seaside lodge are beautiful people and they make everybody feel welcome. Cottages cabanas are available for rent at 200 peso per day kayaks are available for rent at 150 peso per hour. There is also a speed boat for hire at 2000 peso per hour. This is a great place for a birthday celebration or any other special occasion such as a wedding. The function hall is available for hire at only 2500 peso free table and chairs. The restaurant is able to cater for any function but you have to make arrangement with the owner of the establishment with sufficient time for him to make sure all needs are catered for.

The Administration Building

For those guests who opt to stay overnight, they can have the following choices:

(1) SINGLE ROOM for PHP 1,300.00 - Fully air-conditioned with cable TV, comfort room, good for two persons. The rooms are very clean and well-kept with splendid new modern furniture. This include deluxe amenities like cable TV, On-demand movies (surcharge), Wireless high-speed Internet access (surcharge), In-room safe box, Room service, Wake-up service, Work desk & chair, Multi-line phone with voice mail, Hair dryer and Cosmetic mirror. This room is good for the guest who had plan to stay overnight in the hotel and looking for affordable room. While renting this room for overnight and more nights you will enjoy the stay and facilities of the resort. It's give you comfort like you are in your own home, so, book now via online or phone.

(2) DOUBLE ROOM for PHP 1,600.00 - Fully air-conditioned with cable TV, comfort room, good for four persons. The double room contains cable TV, On-demand movies (surcharge), In-room safe box, Work desk & chair, Hair dryer and Cosmetic mirror and you will enjoy the Wireless high-speed Internet access (surcharge), Room service, Wake-up service, and Multi-line phone with voice mail. This room is good for four person or a family who plan to stay in the beach overnight.

(3) PRIVATE ROOM for PHP 3,000.00 - Two beds, fully air-conditioned, with cable TV, comfort room, sala & kitchen, dining table, for family. It has On-demand movies (surcharge), In-room safe box, Work desk & chair, Hair dryer, Cosmetic mirror, sala and kitchen and a dining table for a family. And the same time you will enjoy the Wireless high-speed Internet access (surcharge), Room service, Wake-up service, and Multi-line phone with voice mail.

(4) LUXURY 1 ROOM for PHP 3,000.00 - Two beds, fully air-conditioned, with cable TV, CR, sala & kitchen, dining table, & refrigerator. It has on-demand movies (surcharge), In-room safe box, Work desk & chair, Hair dryer, Cosmetic mirror, sala and kitchen, refrigerator and a dining table. This is very affordable and the same time you will enjoy the great services in the beach. All things needed are already in the room.

The cottages along the beach front


Reservations: (632) 512-0365, (632)512-5485, (632) 514-6494

Reservation Fax: +639065553493 OR +639277185695

General Contacts
Calbayog City,
Samar, Philippines

Main Number: (632) 512-0365
Toll Free: (632) 512-5485
Mobile: +639158250089 OR +639277185695

The main gate of the resort

If you are in Calbayog, you can also visit the following:

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You might find this link useful if you opt to travel by bus to Calbayog City

Please note that when you travel by bus, you have to pass through the Pan-Philippine Highway along Bicol Peninsula heading for Matnog Port of Sorsogon province, the tip of Luzon Island. Then, a ferry boat of 1 hour and 30 minutes will take you either to San Isidro or Allen ports, both part of Northern Samar and the bus drive will take you for another 1 hour and 30 minutes heading to Calbayog City. If there are no delays most particular in the ferry boat travel, it will only take 17 hours from Manila to Calbayog City but be prepared for additional money for your meals during bus stops for meals averages to P150 not to include the drinking water. The cost of the ferry fare is already included in the bus fare. However, the terminal fee in Matnog and Northern Samar is shouldered by the passenger.

Or you may also opt to travel by plane where Calbayog has its airport and this link maybe of great help to you.


To avoid costly food during bus stops, take with you food and drinking water. In addition, it is also very cold in the bus as you are boarding an airconditioned one. Thus, take with you a thick jacket.

It is also advisable to take with you additional cash for the crossing in Matnog to Northern Samar sometimes get delays and so you need to spend additional cost for your meals.

It is also cheaper to travel in group as expenses can be shared. Chartered vans are available in Calbayog City and you can even maximize your travel itinerary on a Samar-Leyte-Biliran trips where I tried it in a group of 10 for 8 days and we only spent approximately P14,000 which we opted to take a bus travel from Manila to Calbayog City and going back to Manila we took our route via Cebu City by plane coming from Maasin City of Southern Leyte.

Do not worry, if you spend this amount. There are a lot of places where you can visit in Calbayog but that will entail additional cost. Good luck and enjoy.

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